ALL THE KINGS MEN POST-GAME PODCAST: EP 438 Canucks Post Game & Unpopular Opinion

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It’s a Post-Game Edition of All The Kings Men Podcast!

PumperNicholl joins me to discuss the Kings loss to Vancouver and what it means for their playoff chances. Then I’m joined by Adam Tod Brown & Jeff May from and The Unpopular Opinion Podcast.

00:00 – 36:15  PumperNicholl

36:15 – 58:00  Adam Tod Brown & Jeff May

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Of all the members of Team TRH Jesse Cohen probably comes closest to actually hating the Kings. Whether obsessing over the 1998 sweep at the hands of the St. Louis Blues, wishing he had witnessed the fight between Dmitri Khristich and Barry Potomski or cursing their attempts to fool the fans by dressing Randy Robitaille for 18 games, Jesse harbors a deep-seeded resentment towards the Kings.You can follow Jesse Cohen on Twitter @KingsMenPodcast.
  • johnjm22

    Just a couple thoughts. (Directed primarily at PumperNicholl)

    Kings are 18-7-3 in last 28 games. That puts them on a 114 point pace.

    Also, I think people forget how low things got during the 2012 and 2014 regular seasons. I don’t think this team looks any better or worse than those teams.