August is upon us and the Kings are enjoying their second summer with the Stanley Cup.

The Royal HAlf returns to ATKM as we discuss the free agent moves and trades the Kings rivals have made over the last month and a half.

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Of all the members of Team TRH Jesse Cohen probably comes closest to actually hating the Kings. Whether obsessing over the 1998 sweep at the hands of the St. Louis Blues, wishing he had witnessed the fight between Dmitri Khristich and Barry Potomski or cursing their attempts to fool the fans by dressing Randy Robitaille for 18 games, Jesse harbors a deep-seeded resentment towards the Kings.You can follow Jesse Cohen on Twitter @KingsMenPodcast.
  • Nick K. McNamara

    I loved when you would post quotes from your dad on Twitter, they were always great. And I love the talk about your dad. Reminded me a lot of my grandfather and our relationship before he passed away in 2011. He moved over from Chicago in 63, so his loyalty was to the Blackhawks first (He used to tell me stories about going to see them play before the Orignal 6 were orignal and having to wait in the snow for cheap seats). But after he moved here the Kings were created and we used to talk about him going to see them in the early days (made a point to mention they were awful in the beginning) and watching them progress over his years living here. They became his team away from home in a way. We watched games together, and had fun cursing the Canucks together in 2011.

    Hockey really has a way of bringing people together. I’ll cherish those memories just like I’m sure you will.

  • Dean

    Great Podcast as always