Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ is a restaurant in Hermosa Beach, California that is supposedly a great spot to watch a Chicago Blackhawks game in the greater Los Angeles area.


They even have their own dedicated Facebook page for Chicago sports fans that meetup at Silvio’s (although there are no postings after June 1st for some reason). After each time the Blackhawks score, there are flashing red lights and of course… this:

So after the LA Kings defeated the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 7 of the Western Conference Final… this message appeared on one of the TV screens at Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ:


Lets Go user KRC1221 posted the photo above in a recent thread at LGK. And it has spurred a lot of outrage from LA Kings fans. Why? Well, maybe you don’t know the geography of Hermosa Beach… so here are a couple of photos to help you understand exactly where Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ is located:


And Hermosa Beach even has a couple of famous residents…

2013-10-22 19.42.12-imp2013-10-22 19.42.47-imp

…that have been honored by the city of Hermosa Beach.

So what have Los Angeles Kings fans done in order to enact their revenge on Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ in Hermosa Beach, CA for telling their favorite ice hockey team to go F**K themselves?






They’ve completely blown up Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ’s Yelp page with 1 Star reviews.

As of right now, Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ has posted this response on their Facebook page:


I guess the most frustrating part of this whole experience is that instead of alienating an enormous part of their local customer base… Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ really should have been embracing the LA Kings for one reason and one reason only…


Robyn Regehr, Brazilian native

*stick tap to @AceAttorney who tipped us to the thread*


UPDATED: 6/6 9:42 AM

In case any of you are wondering if the photo in question has been Photoshopped… a new photo has appeared on the LA Kings Memes Facebook Page:

UPDATED: 6/6 12:02 PM

The managing partner of Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ, Doug Howarth, has responded on Facebook. A screenshot of it is below:

SilvioApolgy1-imp SilvioApolgy3-imp

I’m only assuming the “KGK” at the end is supposed to be “GKG” which would be “Go Kings Go.” They have also responded to me on the Twitter.

UPDATED 6/6 4:10 PM

Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ was a guest on the Fred Roggin radio show this afternoon and explained the situation at the 5 minute mark. You can listen below:


UPDATED 6/7 12:00 PM

Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ has updated their Facebook page again with more details:

Stay tuned for continuing Team TRH Investigative Team™ coverage as updates unfold…

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  • GoKingsGo

    Holy shit I have stayed a total shit storm!

  • Carlos Chavez

    Ko Gings Ko!

  • typicaljs

    You should look up one of the reporters for Fox or Channel 5 and make a pseudonym for yourself ala “brad Doty” and “anjay Kopidor” just for this article. It would just be too perfect.

  • Deborah Williams

    I just have a couple questions:

    #1—if it was a video, why are the Kings fans who are posting the pictures saying that
    it was up after the Hawks lost?

    #2-why do you need to investigate? if it’s a regular customer and you know who
    it is, there’s no need to investigate because you should have apologized to
    everyone in the restaurant right after it happened.

    #3-if it was up for 10-15 seconds, why did no one immediately stop the video after it
    was up for 3 seconds?

    #4-why are you apologizing AFTER the photo went viral? If it upset you as much as it
    did, this apology should have gone viral before the picture did.

    I will call it right now—when the Kings return home, regardless if we win the Cup or
    not (psh you know we will), the players will all go down to Silvio’s, hug the
    owners and have a meal. Why? BECAUSE THAT’S HOW AWESOME OUR PLAYERS ARE!!!!

  • David

    Not that I live close to Hermosa, but if the opportunity ever presents itself I will not step foot in Silvio’s. Forget the vulgarity, the fact that it’s a known Blackhawks bar/restaurant with patrons who make videos like this makes me think I’d be faced with confrontation. Not what I’m looking for when I go out.

  • bicyclebill

    Unbelievable. The economy is in the toilet and we’ve got the Repugnicans trying to turn America into a third-world country filled with sweat-shop workers and rich corporate overlords, but we can get a huge butt-hurt over a rivalry between the supporters of a bunch of millionaires playing a kid’s game on ice skates?


    • deaderhead28

      I guess you should fact check what you post bicyclebill,and understand your delusions are not truth.If these lies make you feel better than good luck.