WEEK 18 (Jan 26-Feb 2)

Los Angeles Kings (30-21-6)

GIF That Best Represents the Past Week for the LA Kings:


Fuck this shit.

@KingsFanDaily Becomes Enemy Number 1:

Was that a shot?

It makes sense. No other beat writers are allowed on the team charter, so it wouldn’t be ethical if Jon Rosen were allowed to report things he saw, simply because he was afforded that luxury. 

KFD’s response seems somewhat passive aggressive, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

Not sure what being “independent” means, but I don’t think Jon Rosen has given us any reason to worry about him not being impartial.

Alright, now he’s just acting like a jerk.

Hey buddy, we already went over this in the week 11 edition of Freeway Farce.

And I know you read Freeway Farce, because you blocked me on Twitter after we talked about your Vine videos in week 15.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.47.44 AM


What kind of “career trajectory” involves you narrating 30 straight minutes of practice video that you shot on your cellphone?



Tip-A-King Top Five:

#5. This is how Darryl Sutter should decide which defenseman is scratched.


#4. That one looks legitimately fun.




#2. Man, the Kings REALLY can’t score. 


#1. Darryl Sutter + Hawaiian shirt + green screen … I can’t wait to see the final product … 

Wait, was that just the shirt that Darryl Sutter was already wearing? I thought this was going to be on some tropical island. Also, props to whoever made this:


Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (40-12-5)

GIF That Best Represents the Past Week for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim:


Ducks fans are getting a little ahead of themselves, as the team puts together another impressive regular season.

The Worst of the Worst from @ducksfanzone:


And yes, DFZ was bickering with Kings fans again. And yes, he repeatedly trotted out the “Kings took longer to win the Cup” burn, as usual.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.18.26 AM

But really, what were the odds that DFZ could use “irony” properly?

Even if it were true Kings fans were rushing to the exits with over half of the third period remaining, in a game that was only 2-0, we would still be ignoring the fact that Kings fans outnumbered Ducks fans, 3 to 1, at that game. Why aren’t we giving Ducks fans grief for not showing up at all?


Intrastate: Kings and Sharks

Interstate: any other NHL team, who was theoretically a rival of the Ducks, if any teams cared about the Ducks enough to be their rival

The Red Hot Ducks Cool Off:

Oh man, the Ducks were shutout? How embarrassing



First Round, Scoring Slump Updates:


Everybody except Anze Kopitar.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.02.43 PMScreen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.03.16 PM



Dustin Penner may not be dead quite yet.

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.06.30 PM

Winner: Dustin Brown

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.12.55 PM

or Mike Richards

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.11.44 PM


Two portraits of futility … Take your pick.


Second Round, War of Words:


Drew Doughty via LA Kings Insider:

Whether it’s “bittersweet” to see his friend, Wayne Simmonds, score for Philadelphia:
No, it’s whatever. Simmer’s a good player. He’s really producing a lot there in Philadelphia. They’re a high scoring team, and we expected them to try and pop a few tonight. Whatever. He got one.

Whatever, bro


Ryan Getzlaf via the LA Times:

 When told Perry has more Gordie Howe hat tricks, Getzlaf cracked, “Corey? He gets beat up all the time, that’s different.”

Oh, you guys.

Winner: Do yourself a favor and go listen to FRASCAST Volume 10, with Jon Rosen.


Third Round, Video Highlight of the Week:


Kings suck. Let’s all just get drunk.


Flyers give up the most short handed goals in the NHL, which makes sense after seeing that.

Winner: One last look back at the Stadium Series, via this sweet video …

WINNER OF THE WEEK: Robyn Regehr has only played 1,000 NHL games?

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  • Paul @KingsFanDaily

    Ridiculous troll hit piece of the week peddled by guys who won’t put their real name on anything they do. Are you really that fucking cowardly? The LA Kings must be awfully proud to be associated with such complete asinine horseshit such as this. Put your name on it you cheap shot jackass. Better yet, come on down to TSC and let’s have a nice chat you fucking punk.

    You clearly haven’t a clue what the fuck you’re talking about. And for the 3 people reading this, let me help you understand the stupidity this jackass tried desperately to layout above and perhaps alos let Chris, aka “the royal half” know how you feel about it since it is he who allows this crap to be posted on his website.

    Me poking some fun at Jon Rosen (who I personally know and admire and who has privately expressed his support and respect for what I do) is hardly worthy of making something out of absolutely nothing, let alone declaring completely ludicrous shit like me being “enemy number one.” How old are you anyway?

    You said: “It makes sense. No other beat writers are allowed on the team charter, so it wouldn’t be ethical if Jon Rosen were allowed to report things he saw, simply because he was afforded that luxury.”

    No shit dumbfuck. This has been known since Rich Hammond created the Insider years ago. Clearly you’re new. The point being, it’s sometimes really obvious (and fun to point out) that Jon knows things ahead of reporting them and I left it at that with a, “Good to know,” which was obviously news to you and I’m sure others as well. Of course he can’t report everything he sees, particularly when it comes to traveling with the team. That is what makes his job unique and I believe very difficult at times. Which leads me to…

    You said: “Not sure what being “independent” means.”

    That’s because, as I said, you’re a fucking idiot. If you’ve ever bothered to visit and click the ‘About’ tab you’ll see…


    You said: “I don’t think Jon Rosen has given us any reason to worry about him not being impartial.”

    No shit, he hasn’t. He’s done a great job so far. But if you bothered to do any research whatsoever, you’d discover the experiment to have a truly independent reporter paid by the team being covered is essentially impossible and has been proven to be so.

    Jon is admirably carrying on an experiment that was started by Rich here in LA. But the fact remains, you cannot have a truly independent reporter paid by the team he or she is covering. There is an inherit conflict of interest that will always leave people wondering just how independent Jon can be. It comes with the territory. Get it dumbass?

    Articles I wrote on the subject for those who can read:

    And finally as for my practice videos, people actually watch and enjoy them unlike the complete absence of people reading this bullshit or following you on twitter. Go fuck yourself troll and print your real name on the next hit piece so I can see who my enemy is.

    • Dean

      lmao, I didn’t realize how awesome this would be.

    • Matthew

      Geez. Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning…

    • Jo

      Um… as of 3:04pm on 2/3/14, @kingsfandaily has 2,331 followers on Twitter and @theroyalhalf has 9,647. That means you need over *4* of @kingsfandaily to equal *one* @theroyalhalf. But you’re right, Paul, no one actually reads or gives a crap about what he has to say. Also… please get a sense of humor for god’s sake. Does no one understand this is a humor site as much as it’s a hockey site? Wow. Get a life, man.

      • Paul @KingsFanDaily

        Poor baby I guess he can’t take what he dishes out. Of course I wasn’t referring to the @theroyalhalf I was referring to this piece of shit’s so-called articles. And how many Twitter followers does he have? Exactly. Not the same thing.

        • Westgarth

          The “I have more Twitter followers than you” posturing is no better than the schoolyard “My dad can beat up your dad.”

          Life must be truly special for someone like you.

    • Jeanshorts

      This is my favorite thing ever

    • DFire

      LOL @ Grown man losing his temper. Good job! Way to further feed the trolls.

      • Paul @KingsFanDaily

        I don’t take kindly to bullies. Especially ones who hide behind fake names. It’s a calculated response with an intended effect but yeah the apologist trolls certainly have been fed.

        • NotDarrenEliot

          “Better yet, come on down to TSC and let’s have a nice chat you fucking punk.”
          But you don’t take kindly to bullies…

          • DFire

            ^ fact.

  • Kyle

    So here’s the real question… What is the “New Twitter Followers” to “Twitter Spats with @DucksFanZone” ratio? Hopefully better than our Goal to Game ratio.

  • Player X

    I often, and continually see crosstalk on social media between Jon Rosen and Paul KFD, which has always and still is pleasant and sensible. They have a wavelength, what are you doing, horning in or sumpin’? Last guy in is loudest?

  • Player X

    And now that I think of it, Rosen used one of Paul ‘ s practice videos on LAKI, within the past few days or so. .. There’s no problem, why drag these people’s names in the mud?