It’s a Brand New Edition of All The Kings Men Podcast as Jesse Cohen, Jon Rosen from LA Kings InsiderJohn Hoven from Mayor’s Manor and I discuss Alec Martinez on the Left Wing, a lack of defensive identity and everything else that has happened in the past week of Los Angeles Kings Hockey. And oh… what’s that? None of the LA Kings’ Centers have scored a goal this season?


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  • abe

    End of the podcast, about Kopi and Brown’s amorphous positions up front. I feel that this is exactly that lines’ strength. think back to the dominance that line showed throughout the cup run(when they were healthy). They basically were possession dominant, back-checking, turnover-creating monsters that would eat other teams top lines.
    Also, kopi is so strong on the puck that he often carries the puck through the corners and then creates. This precludes him from the classic up the middle of the ice runs that create many goals for other centers. My 2 cents. I am glad he is shooting more and I think he will start having things bounce his way more.
    Nice podcast, just started listening this year.

    • All The Kings Men

      I agree. I’ve been calling Brown a “Power Sniper” because he doesn’t really play a “traditional” “Power Forward” game. I think a huge issue the Kings have is the expectations many people have with what “Top Line” players are supposed to look like and what kind of numbers they’re supposed to produce. As long as the Kings are going deep in the playoffs I don’t feel the need to swap out our familiar guys with high profile names that put up slightly more impressive offensive numbers.

      • abe

        I think that the line, when clicking, has the perfect mix of skill and grind. People think grind is an attribute that is used by player who lacks “skill,” but I think it is a talent in its own right that the softer skill guys cannot do.

        And for the guy that said kopi can’t pass:

        • theroyalhalf

          That would be Jesse Cohen aka @all_the_kings_men:disqus that said Kopitar couldn’t pass. It was The Royal Half aka @theroyalhalf:disqus that said he could.

          Thanks for listening and pointing out that Jesse was wrong!

        • All The Kings Men

          That was me… but let’s be clear. I didn’t say he couldn’t pass I said I’ve never seen him “create something out of nothing” as a result of his passing. I also credited him with being supremely talented and physically dominant. That was a slick little pass and it’s great that he was aware of King’s presence but if King doesn’t step to the slot and fire that puck home we’re not talking about “what an amazing pass” that was. Guys like Crosby set up teammates all game long with passes that they don’t convert on. I’m not expecting Kopitar to be Crosby… I just don’t see Kopitar as an “Elite Playmaker” in the same way I look at guys like Crosby or Thornton. I can’t think of a goal Kopitar set up with a pass like any of these… not saying it never happened. Just that I can’t think of any.

          • All The Kings Men

            AND I completely agree that the Kopitar, Brown, Williams line is a perfect mix. I feel like we’re arguing opposite sides of the same point. I have no problem with 23/11/14 as a top line. They dominate puck possession and put points on the board… just not at the same pace as your Getzlafs or Perrys.