Yesterday, there was a tremendous amount of uproar amongst Los Angeles Kings fans when their newest Left Winger, Daniel Carcillo, announced that he’d be wearing the same sweater number as one of the most beloved LA Kings players of all-time.



Of course LA Kings fans were irate that Daniel Carcillo had chosen #17… which we all know is a number very near and dear to the hearts of LA Kings fans everywhere…






…because Jimmy Carson wore it.

So for this week’s TRH Throwback Thursday… we had Spike Coffman, who is The Royal Half’s LA Kings Historian, fire up the wayback machine to January 21st, 1987… when #17 Jimmy Carson was a rookie for the LA Kings and the Metropolitan Patrick Division’s Pittsburgh Penguins came into town.



I immediately regret this decision.

Oh man… have you EVER seen anything more mid-1980s than those jackets on Nick Nickson and Bob Miller?



Hmm… close.



Nailed it.

Let’s take a look at the starting goaltenders, shall we?



Marc-Andre Fleury wishes he had stats that good.

The LA Kings were 20-21-6 heading into this game while the Pittsburgh Penguins were 17-20-8 and on their way to missing the NHL Playoffs for a 5th consecutive season. And trust me… that made it really hard for Penguins fans to celebrate…



…Moe Mantha’s 26th Birthday!!!
FYI… Moe Mantha is 52 years-old today.

The crowd at the Fabulous Forum in LA was in for treat, as they were about to watch a game involving some of the top offensive stars in the NHL!!!



One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong.



I mean, seriously… is there anything more LA than an Acting Coach behind the bench?

FYI, in case you were wondering exactly how Mike Murphy came to be the interim coach for the LA Kings during the back half of the 86-87 season… it’s because Head Coach Pat Quinn SIGNED A CONTRACT AND TOOK MONEY TO BECOME THE GM OF A RIVAL TEAM IN THE SAME DIVISION DURING THE REGULAR SEASON.



“Hey Rogie… um… this is awkward.”


“Please turn in your tuxedo on the way out.”

But who cares about backdoor deals that Head Coaches signed??? It’s the 1980s…. LET’S SEE SOME GOALS!!!



That’s right, 4-time Stanley Cup Champion and Father of  a Popular Blogger, Bob Bourne,
finished his career in Los Angeles. He’s like the Reverse Butch Goring.
(FYI, which sounds like it should be on Urban Dictionary.)



What’s that? Mario Lemieux scored a goal after coming back from an injury?



Show me an 1980s NHLer that DIDN’T blister a shot past Roland Melanson.



“Butsy Erickson Scored A Goal” will be the funniest thing I write all day long.
Did you know that Butsy Erickson was the 3rd best NHLer that grew up on his block?



Seriously, why isn’t Dave Taylor in the Hall of Fame?



How awful are those shoulder numbers on the Penguins jerseys?




Everyone Loves Rob Romano.
*offer does not apply to fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins*



It’s hard to remember that there was a time Bernie Nicholls scored on the ice too.



If this video didn’t already make you feel old enough…
this is Luc Robitaille’s 29th career goal… scored during his rookie season.



You know the game is out of reach when Tiger Williams scores.



Man, Randy Cunneyworth put a little French on that tip, huh?



Boy, I wonder what the Jim Fox of today would say about that goal?





I feel like Dan Quinn scored more goals in this game

than he did during his entire LA Kings career.


The biggest laugh here is saved for Jim McGeough’s NHL career.

Who cares if he didn’t score it?

Jimmy Carson is #17 in your program and in your hearts.

Sean McKenna is actually my 2nd favorite McKenna to play for the LA Kings.

Suffering a 10-5 loss wasn’t awful enough for Pittsburgh Penguins fans… so the Prime Ticket producers went out of their way to remind them of this:

After that loss, the only thing that could cheer Pittsburgh Penguins fans up is hearing Mario Lemieux talk about how he’s struggled with injuries early in his career.

The best part of TRH Throwback Thursday is that most people reading this have

no idea what a great gift Scotch 3M Videocasettes were.

Lost in the 15 goals scored during this game from January 21st, 1987… was the important milestone a LA Kings team from the 1980s reached…

Having a .500 record this late in the season!!!


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