Well, I've been traveling the last few days, so I've missed a lot of exciting Los Angeles Kings action. But thankfully, I found this in a dive sports bar in Florida:

This is the closest thing to greatness the Florida Panthers have ever achieved.
Be sure to check out the GAMEDAY PREVIEWS from the LA Kings losses to the Wild and Red Wings

This will make more sense once you've read the GAMEDAY PREVIEW.

Our RECAP master PumperNicholl takes a look at the Los Angeles Kings last two losses. He would have published this earlier, but he ran into my elbow on Tuesday night. Take it away, PumperNicholl….


Whoo boy what a couple of crazy days for the Los Angeles Kings, eh? A pair of bad losses that otherwise would have cemented home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs coupled with a suspension have really thrown things out of whack for the defending champs.
Forgot to mention that. Thanks, creepy combover ginger man!
I can't get into all of the Brown suspension and the macaroni-like elbow he nailed Jason Pominville with. However, you can visit TRH's own One Girl One Puck's Twitter page if you want to see epic reactions to Brown's hit.
I'm not sure you know what "sarcasm" means.
So the Kings were off on the road against against the Minnesota Wild and Detroit Red Wings and fans were clearly excited to see the reigning Stanley Cup Champions.

Thought you would have gone with "69 themselves" but whatever.

Hahahaha totally got us! Cause that's all gross and icky.


Reliving both games would more torturous than actually having to live in St. Paul or Detroit, so let's just play a little morning after catch-up, shall we?

They did.

Jordan Tootoo showing fans what a four-tentacled octopus looks like.
The Central time zone is far more sexual and illiterate than advertised.

But really who cares about the games lost when we have much worse news to deal with in Los Angeles?! Our fearless, toothless captain is out of the lineup for ONE GAME and this happens:

Bye bye Abercrombie & Fitch endorsements.
NHL fans all across North America held their collective breath. It was like seeing someone take a sledgehammer to Michelangelo's sculpture of David.

No. 77 in your program, but still No. 1 in #Lumbus.
Oh, sorry.
Guys, I think Aaron is mad. …and doesn't understand what "float" means.
For all of the doom and gloom of the back-to-back losses, it must be getting ugly in the standings. Let's see what the Western Conference looked like before the two losses and how it shakes out today:
Lookin' good!

Lookin' the same.
RIP #Lumbus
TRH Three Stars of the Night
3. Jonathan Quick
Quick has been one of the hottest goalies in the league the past month, but that won't stop Kings fans from complaining after a 33-save performance on the road.
Too be fair, no one has ever gone 16-0 in the playoffs.
2. Red Wings Fans
1. Overreacting Kings Fans
I don't think…
Thanks for clearing that up, Jesse.
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