Our RECAP master PumperNicholl takes a look at last night's Los Angeles Kings-Stars game. He actually wrote a recap and then the referees took it away from him so he had to write another one. Take it away, PumperNicholl….


With the top three seeds all but wrapped up atop the standings, Sunday was a BIG night for the remaining playoff-hopeful teams in the Western Conference. Six of the seven teams (rest up, Detroit) were in action and jockeying for position.

Here's how the standings looked going into the games:

Fourth plaXe! Fourth plaXe!
And Sunday didn't disappoint! There were late game upsets, blowouts, overtime thrillers and rollover performances against bottom-tier teams. With all of that, there must have been a huge shakeup in the West, right? Here's how things stand today:

Everything sure got jumbled up.
Anyway, the Los Angeles Kings and Dallas Stars did need this game … just like every other game, but whatever. Let's just pretend this game means more than every other game up until this point.
I don't know what he's trying to say, but people want to be the Kings. *tear*
Right. Back to terrible smack talk.
Kings fans, everyone!
Stars fans, everyone!
I never want to go to Dallas.
Fire Sutter.
Alright let's do this.
1st Period:
Backhanded, like every compliment Richards gives about Carter's hair.
Drew Doughty: Hottie.
2nd Period:
So the Kings jump out ahead of the Stars and the rest of the games in the West are winding down. Seeing as nearly every team the Kings needed to stumble ended up losing in regulation, fans knew the team would make this easy and put the Stars away.
Wait, the Kings are actually putting this away? Who are these guys?!
Stars fans love their perennial leading scorer.
Loui Eriksson: Creepy mofo.
With the Kings up 2-1, things went to all sorts of hell. I can't blame the refs because they were in Los Angeles on a night where it was still in mid-70s outside. That said, The Royal Half could've caught the puck up in the press box before Ryan Garbutt tapped it down.
Something like that.
Because these things never even themselves out.
The refs, clearly intimidated, decide to count the goal.
Most. Dallas. Goal. Ever.
3rd Period:
OK so the Kings blew a two-goal lead. Big whoop! They wouldn't let this game slip away just because of a few bad calls.
Woo Trevor Lewis! Wait, what? 
Guess Boba Fett decided to stick around after Star Wars Night.
Oh boy, here we go again with these pesky Stars, right? May as well pack it up and start prepping for the next game…
Never a doubt!
THIS sealed your decision?! I would have gone with something else
Brown was still clearly upset with Chris. So he did what he always does: A clean hit at a borderline time where he didn't actually hurt anyone but created a huge outrage.
*grabs popcorn*
Let's see how that played out.
We were "Rou-ing" him!
The Kings suddenly find themselves in curious a curious position. No, not that they haven't won an OT game all year. It was that they could once again help the Detroit Red Wings. It's a dirty feeling. Fortunately, we have one team we can all rally around to help in this situation.
Screw clinching home-ice, the Kings have to help little bro out. So who else could help out the Blue Jackets more than the greatest center in the franchise's history?
You're welcome, #Lumbus.
Was there ever a doubt he would?
TRH Three Stars of the Night:
Let's try that again.
3. Paul Holmgren
Let's be honest, Holmgren should be No. 1 every night.
2. Dallas Stars fans
Tough night in Big D. The Stars could have inched themselves closer into the top eight, but will likely now have to settle for one more disappointing watch party against the Red Wings on the last day of the season at TGI Friday's.
The day looked so promising too:
Stars pride.
1. Jeff Carter and Mike Richards
Never change, Kings fans. Never change.
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