Our RECAP master PumperNicholl is back with a look at the past weekend(ish) of Los Angeles Kings action. Take it away, PumperNicholl….

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It was a big couple of games over the weekend(ish) for the Los Angeles Kings. The supposed lock on the No. 4 seed had all but disappeared with the surging Sharks and Blues making up ground in a hurry. And while the team proved last year that seeding doesn't seem to matter once the playoffs begin, I'd still prefer to see home-ice advantage even if it's just for one series.

Plus, I'm not quite ready to let my guard down after years of disappointment. I'll happily take the No. 8 spot well before conjuring up any memories of the "glory days" entering the playoffs as the No. 5 seed. Since the NHL switched to the conference playoff format, the Kings highest finish has been fifth, which has happened twice. Both times the team was swept (by the Blues in 1998 and the Red Wings in 2000).

So the Kings took care of business against the Avalanche and Ducks, and have finally given themselves a little breathing room. If they are able to cement their spot, the Kings No. 4 seed entering the playoffs will be the highest the team has ever finished.

I've made myself sad.

Anyway, no one really cares about the Avalanche and The Royal Half already broke down the chorus of boos that echoed throughout Los Angeles County, so we'll move on.

Let's turn our attention once more to the beauty of a game recap presented to you by the smartest people the Internet has to offer.

Like everyone else, I've got a good feeling about this game.
The Kings strike first when a noticeably relaxed Drew Doughty continues his recently discovered scoring abilities, and people couldn't be happier for him.
Getting the early lead was huge for the Kings, but Dustin Brown wanted more. No, not another goal! Those don't shift momentum or help the team nearly as much as laying out a third line player. I think Ducks fans had a bit of a problem with crushing open-ice hit…
Granted, there was contact with the knee. But people won't overreact with incidental contact.
Harsh. But Ducks fans are at least keeping it on the ice.
OK maybe we're going a little too far…
Did I say "a little too far?" At least no one would agree with this…
Darryl Sutter, clearly tired of the fans constant bickering, makes a curious move to start the second as he inserts Robb Stauber back into the lineup after a nearly 20 year hiatus. The results were not pretty and the Ducks quickly tie it up at 1-1.

To be fair, Brad spends most of his time looking down at his camera.
OH! Literally the sickest. Sorry, Brad. Keep up the selfies!
Chaos ensues as it appears the Ducks take their first lead of the night after Bobby Ryan's obvious California upbringing shows with an impressive rollerblade heel stop.
Doughty gets Lakers seats and a date. Ryan gets a Tweetgasm.

 Unfortunately for the Ducks, the RHI folded in 1998.

That doesn't make any sense!

Much better.
Then apparently the referees get sick of the Ducks hanging in the game, so they take matters into their hands!
Worst. Threesome. Ever.
And the tactics clearly worked as the Kings realized they had to repay the refs somehow.
That oughta do it!

Still not sure why everyone hates Kings fans.
An Absolut Bombay Sapphire shot by our Crown Royal Patron.
Spoiler: It doesn't get any better.
TRH Three Stars of the Night:
3. Jonathan Quick
The reigning Conn Smythe winner stepped up big and took down the Pacific-leading Ducks by turning aside 19 of 20 shots in the 2-1 win. Thus finally winning over Kings fans once and for all.
2. Bruce Boudreau
I LOVE Bruce Boudreau. I was foolishly upset when the Kings missed out on getting him as their head coach last year. I was wrong. Daryl Sutter's bitter beer face is forever etched in my mind under "best memories of my life." However, Gabby is still amazing and I'll always wonder "what if" for reasons like the last game.
1. Drew Doughty
Since the Kings returned from their five-game roadtrip, Doughty has four goals and two assists in six games…
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