In order to spice up another ho-hum Los Angeles Kings victory over the St. Louis Blues… the Management Team at Fox Sports West decided to do something incredibly groundbreaking with its television broadcast team…

They took 3 broadcasters and placed them all 50 feet away from each other.

O'Neal and Carter.

Carter and O'Neal.
No relation.

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So Fox Sports West finally gave into the popular trend of putting broadcasters close to the action on the ice in a position known as "Between the Benches."

Or in Jim Fox's case… literally at the end of St. Louis' bench.

Don't underestimate how powerful a figure in broadcasting Jim Fox is.
The girl on the right was so incredibly interested in what Jim Fox had to say…

… that he had her removed the next period.

I have to say, the team at Fox Sports West was really on top of it during this broadcast. They wanted the viewers at home to feel like they are part of the game. So, much like Coach Sutter…

They changed up the lines constantly.

But trust me, swapping out Jordan Nolan for Dwight King wasn't the scariest thing to happen on the bench during this game.


Nailed it.
I guess Davis Payne really took that whole "Don't Fire Until You See the Whites of Their Eyes"
thing pretty seriously, huh? We really haven't explored just how scary looking Davis Payne is
on The Royal Half this season and I apologize for that.

How bad are things for the St. Louis Blues right now?

They can't even give away free trading cards of their players.

And it seems like opposing goaltenders can beat them with their eyes closed.

Well… at least you have that Central Divisio… I'm sorry, I just can't.

It sure seems like Coach Sutter's new lines are really changing the way things look around the LA Kings. 

Legion of Douche.

Everyone is talking about how well Keaton Ellerby played in his 2nd game for the LA Kings.

But no one is talking about how his awful pass out of the zone led to Jeff Carter's 1st goal.

Keaton Ellerby has something to say to all the Kings fans
that wrote him off after the Red Wings game.

I wish there was someway to visually express how St. Louis Blues fans must feel about their team right now.



There you go.

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