TRH RECAP 5: Guide Dog

I wish there was some way to visually represent what LA Kings fans felt like when their team came from behind to beat the Vancouver Canucks on Monday.




So close.

Nailed it.


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There was quite the excitement across the Internet about my "An American's Guide to Watching Vancouver Canucks Hockey" article that was posted on before Monday's LA Kings-Canucks game. And of course, by excitement, I mean complete and utter vitriol.
No, the American way would be to not use "tis."
Actually, the only thing Oiler fans are begging for is
that world class goaltender that you guys aren't using.
Hmm… this was the only thing I discovered during last season's playoffs.
Finally, these Canadian guys have a point that I can agree with.
FYI, the guy above is a Vancouver Canucks fan with a Cincinnati Reds hat on.
So the lesson to learn here is that it's ok to riot when your favorite hockey team loses…
but as long as it can be cleaned up by the next morning.

And the 2nd lesson is that comparing a riot over losing a hockey game 
to a riot over the violation of justice is totally fine.
I'm sorry… but any year with Mike Weaver as your defensive partner is not a good one.
Finally, a Canadian voice of reason!
And then, just because…
I know, I can't believe Gretzky couldn't win in Pheonix! Or even in Phoenix.
But the best discussion that came out of "An American's Guide to Canucks Hockey" was featured on a Vancouver Canucks blog… um… called Canucks Hockey Blog. From an article titled "Dear LA Kings, You Guys Are Jerks"…

Social media is an essential way to connect with fans, create more fans and, when it comes down to it, be a voice for your franchise.

Think about that statement. Really think…. Do you get it?  Because judging by whomever you let run your Twitter account and Facebook page, you don’t get it.

It’s not something to be entrusted to an unpaid intern. It’s not something that should be done off the side of a sales team member’s desk. It’s not something to be passed around to whomever has the time. Call me crazy but after following your Twitter for about a year, I think you do one or all of the following.

 No really…. read on:

You’re like the Kim Kardashian of social media and seem to think that bad attention is equal to or better than good attention. It’s really not the case. To be frank, Kim Kardashian may be getting good ratings, but if the big one hits and Cali sinks into the ocean, no one is going to invite her onto their lifeboat. Everyone pays attention to her because they love to hate her. Do you really want people to follow you because they think you’re a jerk? And by “you” I mean the entire Los Angeles Kings franchise.

Never change, Canada. Never change:

There’s a difference between an official Twitter account and an official troll account. If your method brought in fans or earned credibility for your team, every other NHL team would jump on that strategy. Last I checked, no one – not one NHL team – has adopted that type of voice. Sometimes, LA Kings, being different doesn’t mean you’re innovative or a trailblazer or the first to discover something new and brilliant. Sometimes it just means you’re doing it wrong.

Actually, it's always hot in LA.
And I would LOVE to know which American cities this guy thinks "get hockey."
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