TRH Gameday 77 – Calgary Flames: Massage A Knee

Game #77

86 pts, 9th in Western Conference
85 pts, 11th in Western Conference

Flames lead Season Series 3-1

6:30pm, Scotiabank Saddledome
Calgary, AB


Matchsticks and Gasoline
Book of Loob
Dome Beers
Flames Nation

A few minutes before the Los Angeles Kings-Vancouver Canucks game this past Monday, Indiana Matt tweeted the following:

And then also this:

Even though I know that the “Sedins as Sisters bit” is totally overplayed, I re-tweeted it to all my followers since it’s important to keep Indiana Matt’s confidence up since he’s a delicate flower when it comes to his Photoshops. So after I re-tweeted both of Indiana Matt’s tweets… the internet acted totally appropriately:

I love that this Sedin Sisters joke was so offensive to someone that they felt my blog had let them down.
Obviously they’ve never ever, ever, ever read my site before.
And I’m sure this young woman only tweets with the utmost social responsibility, right?


Wait a second… did someone just call me a “super-testosteroney sports guy”?!?
I’m not sure these people who follow me on Twitter really know the kind of guy I am after all.
I mean… I’ve made Jonathan Adler jokes on this blog before.

Okay… this is taking it way to far now!!!
How dare you insult me by reminding me that Manny Malhotra scored against my favorite NHL team!!!

Okay… this person might have the most valid criticism.

Thankfully… a bunch of complete strangers that follow me on Twitter stepped up to protect my honor. And if they were tweeting from Canada… my honour. 

Okay… he’s got a point here.

Just to be clear… we weren’t making fun of the Sedin Brothers because we think they are girlie… we were making fun of them because they are soft Europeans. The best part about this Sedin Sisters Twitter-troversy is that on the same day as all these tweets we posted probably the most anti-male article we’ve every published here at The Royal Half. Right, Brigitte?

She really has a gift for the English language, doesn’t she?

So… in an effort to not be offensive (no… not “un-offensive” like the LA Kings have been all season… “unoffensive” like we don’t want to hurt your feelings) Indiana Matt and I have made a promise to not post or Photoshop anything that anyone (especially fans of the Los Angeles Kings) won’t like.

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