TRH Gameday 73 – San Jose Sharks: The Princess Diaries

Game #71

82 pts, 9th in Western Conference
82 pts, 10th in Western Conference

Sharks Lead Season Series 21

7:30pm, Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA



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Battle of California
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Sometimes… my Gameday blog posts just write themselves:

A difference maker is the improved play of the top line, notably Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar. Brown has 15 points in his past 11 games and Kopitar has 11 points in his past 10 games.

“You have leaders now,” Sutter said. “Every day, every game. They’re not just offensive princesses. They have to be 200-foot leaders … (in) practice, off ice, on ice. They have to do that for our team to be productive. That’s a responsibility they want and a responsibility they need.”

Obviously, Darryl Sutter wasn’t too pleased with the LA Kings and their last charity appearance.

Sorry, Penner… but your goal last game does not make you an offensive princess.
I don’t know about you guys… but I would totally do Princess Kopitar. 

If you read RudyKelly’s blog over at Battle of California on a regular basis, it may sound strange to you when I say “Man… I was truly inspired by RudyKelly’s post today.” But you know what… I was.

“I’ve spent my whole life dedicated to a franchise that fucking sucks. A team where the best I could hope for was sneaking into the playoffs and hoping maybe we win a game. But this team is genuinely different. I don’t hope we catch a team napping or maybe we can light up their back-up. This team is genuinely good. Anze Kopitar is the best center we’ve had since Gretzky, Drew Doughty is the best defenseman we’ve had since Blake and Jonathan Quick is the best goaltender we’ve ever had. Kings fans can truly appreciate a good team much like an Ethiopian can truly appreciate a good meal (or some other metaphor that’s less horribly offensive).

If the Kings miss the playoffs I will be devastated because I’m a baby but ultimately it won’t be so bad. It could be, and has been, so much worse. This team should make the playoffs. Will they? I don’t know. Either this season is a lost season or the Kings end up where I thought they’d be back in August. Which will it be? I don’t know. Maybe it’ll end up working out, maybe not. But at least there’s a chance. That’s something.”

It’s true. I too have spent my whole life obsessed over a franchise that has done nothing but treat me like absolute shit. Yet, each year… I come back for more. As these last 10 games of the 2011-2012 season unfold (a season that started in Europe for me… and seems like it will end with whomever wins the final game in San Jose) it’s looking more and more likely that the LA Kings only hope for making the playoffs will be to win the Pacific Division. Which at this point in time… it seems like no one wants to win. And wouldn’t it be the most ironic way ever… the most “Los Angeles Kings” way ever… if this trainwreck of a season was the season that the LA Kings win their 2nd Division title ever. Like ever, ever. 

The only proof it ever happened.
Besides the banner high up on the Staples Center wall.

Just go out and win tonight, LA Kings. Just go out and beat up on a team that is 3-4-3 in its last 10 and suffered an embarrassing loss last night at home. Because honestly… if the Los Angeles Kings don’t make the playoffs this season… Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy and I are going to start the latest viral posing craze.


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