TRH Recap 56/57: King Nolan

Dustin Penner better eat up at his Pancakes with Penner charity event Monday morning… because with the way Jordan Nolan and Dwight King played over the weekend, this could be Dustin Penner’s last supper as a Los Angeles King.

Much like it was for da Vinci, this could be Indiana Matt’s greatest work.
Check out a high-rez version here.

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I know that Darryl Sutter and Dean Lombardi have been working hard to figure out how to get this Los Angeles Kings team some additional offense. But I’d never thought it’d come to this.

A spark? More like an ash.

“Never in my wildest imagination did I think I’d be leaving Claude Giroux for Jordan Nolan.”

Jordan Nolan and Dwight King are not the saviours for the 2011-2012 Los Angeles Kings season. But at least these kids did their homework before joining the big club over the weekend.

“Um, Mr. Kompon. I read the blogs on the flight from Manchester.
And I’m supposed to stay far away from you.”

“I’m sorry, Coach. But like I said. The fans told me to only listen to Bernie Nicholls and Bernie Nicholls only.”

“I’m sorry. But I’m going to have to ask you to back away.” 

I’m really glad that today’s youth can still be inspired by classic films like The Outsiders.

Hey… Dustin Penner. I scored a goal. How do you like those pancakes?

“Mr. Richards. I just scored a goal. Do I have your permission to celebrate?”

“Yes. Go ahead.”

“Thank you. Yay.”

And to think… just a few decades ago guys like one over Jordan Nolan’s left shoulder
used to hunt guys like Nolan for sport.

Take a look at the one man who isn’t drinking from his baby bottle after a goal.
Nolan Richards King was my favorite civil rights activist.

The best part about young guys like Dwight King and Jordan Nolan coming into fold during this Kings playoff run is that they can really learn from Head Coach Darryl Sutter.

Getting there, Dwight. Getting there.

As noted by Protect the Throne, as soon as the Kings newest rookies scored, guess who couldn’t wait to get his hands all over them.

“You know what happens to little Russian boys that score 2 goals over the weekend, right?”


Best. Episode. Of. To Catch A Predator. Ever.

After the success the LA Kings had over the weekend with rookies Jordan Nolan and Dwight King in the lineup, expect a few more changes for their game against Phoenix on Thursday.

Matt Greene welcomes his newest teammates.

If this weekend has taught us anything, it’s that Kings fans can rest a little bit easier knowing the fix to this teams scoring woes are in good hands.

God help us all.

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