TRH Recap 48: Smell the Glove

I was really impressed with the maturity level I saw during Thursday night’s broadcast of the Los Angeles Kings game against the Calgary Flames. Fox Sports West HD did not fill the entire broadcast with mindless chatter about Darryl Sutter and Brent Sutter coaching against each other for the 2nd time.

No, instead they focused on the Sons of the Sutter Brothers.

Anyone have photos of Darryl and Brent’s wives?
Because I’m pretty sure Brett and Brandon got their looks from their moms.

The broadcast also featured the Sutter Brothers who decided to rebel and not play hockey.
Or maybe these are the Avett Brothers. I’m not sure.

Who are we kidding? Of course Fox Sports West HD couldn’t help themselves.

I can’t think of anything funnier to write than what is already in this picture.

“Hey Scuds… did you know that this is only the…”

“I swear to god, Drew. If you tell me one more time that this is only the 2nd time
Darryl and Brent Sutter have coached against each other… I will punch you in the face.” 


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Is it me or does Justin Williams get better looking with every point he scores?
Yeah, you are right. Justin Williams just gets better looking with every day, forget about the points.

Jay Bouwmeester has 2 amazing streaks.
The 1st is 554 consecutive games played.
The 2nd is 683 games played without one being a playoff game.


I think it’s cute that the Calgary Flames gave Mike Cammalleri jersey letters that were to scale for his body.

“Please… you call this a defensive battle?!?”

It must be really hard for Bill Cowher to see his son-in-law Kevin Westgarth play in person.
No really, it must be hard. Because Westgarth never plays. 

After seeing Steven Tyler at a recent LA Kings game…
Tom Arnold is a big step down. 

I know that Dustin Penner likes to be a jokester and all, but acting out
Spinal Tap on the bench is really inappropriate.

Actually, Darryl Sutter is the 2nd most creepy thing in this picture.
Who is that hell guy on the lower left?

I am 100% against the NHL’s new rule of giving lobotomies to players that commit infractions.


I’ll give you one guess as to the answer of LA’s Greatest Hockey Moment of 2011.

Mike Richards wants YOU to score a goal for the LA Kings.

After scoring on his own rebound during the shootout,
Jack Johnson shows the purest definition of “shit-eating grin.”

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