TRH Recap 45/46: Oh, Brother!

Hey, did you guys know that Darryl Sutter and Brent Sutter were brothers and coached against each other for the first time Saturday night??? Apparently, Canada did.

Maybe “gripping” and Darryl Sutter shouldn’t be used in the same sentence.
I’m just amazed that people still use newspapers.

No seriously… did you know that Darryl and Brent Sutter were brothers and were coaching against each other for the first time?!? Fox Sports West HD certainly did.

Before the game, both Darryl and Brent Sutter held press conferences to reiterate that they were brothers and coaching each other for the first time.

Forget about the First Family of Hockey…
they are more like the First Family of Ugly.

Let’s just say if you were playing a drinking game that every time Fox Sports West HD showed a shot of Darryl Sutter and Brent Sutter back to back during the broadcast…


You’d be shit-faced drunk by the middle of the 1st period.

That awkward moment when you can see both Brent and Darryl Sutter during a cross-dissolve edit.

I just wish there was some way to visually understand the 7 Sutter Brothers and their achievements in life.









I haven’t seen this many Sutters since I went to that really cheap wedding.

I tell ya, those statisticians at Fox Sports West HD are some of the best in the business.

The only thing active about Owen Nolan’s career are the animals he hunts.

Thankfully there was no other story to cover during the Los Angeles Kings 4-1 victory over the Calgary Flames besides these two particular Sutter Brothers coaching against each other for the first time. Am I right?!?

Cammy’s Back!

Speaking of coaches facing each other for the first time, the LA Kings newest non-assistant coach continues to creep closer and closer to replacing either Jamie Kompon or John Stevens as part of Darryl Sutter’s staff.

“What’s that? My qualifications? I scored 70 goals in 1 NHL season.
Your move, Kompon.” 

“Great, game…huh boss? So um… Bernie was just here for the buffet, right?”

“We know you can hear us, Darryl. Please… talk to us. I have children.”

Oh man, the LA Kings looked so good last Saturday night against the Flames that I could have danced.

And then they played the Edmonton Oilers the next day.

Called it.

Thankfully, Darryl Sutter didn’t let any of the emotion involved with coaching against his brother affect him during the game.

Drew Doughty approves.

It seems that Darryl and Brent have finally put their differences behind them and can now do what they do best… sing!



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