TRH Recap 44: Rocked All Stars

“Hey Brownie… what a game, huh? It really seems like we’ve got it together.”

“I know, Kopi. And you’ve scored goals in back to back games for the 1st time since early November!”

“And we’ve scored 3 Power Play goals!!! Let’s go get another one, huh Brownie?”

“Yeah… let’s go!”

Ugh, what could be worse than your star center being spun around
like a top and smashing face-first
into where the boards meets the ice?

His parents being there to see it.

Wanna see what the face of shock looks like?

Either that… or Dustin Penner sees pancakes.

Come on… that’s not the face of shock!

Sutter Face One-WM

This is.


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Please, like there ever was any doubt that Anze Kopitar would be fine after that awful, but perfectly legal (?) hit from Brenden Morrow. I mean the dude once walked away from this.

So now that Anze Kopitar has declared himself fit for Saturday’s game in Calgary, we can really focus on what Thursday’s night game was all about… the Los Angeles Kings All-Star Goaltender giving up 4 goals!

Because when you think of Terry Sawchuk, you think of the Los Angeles Kings.

Since he was named the LA Kings 1st All-Star Goalie in over 30 years, I’m sure Jon Quick is beside himself with excitement.


Seriously… who is voting “other”?
I mean, besides Jamie Storr.

Vote Quick.

Jon Quick giving up 4 goals wasn’t the only thing that looked out of place at Staples Center Thursday night…

These people were totally in the wrong place.
No, I don’t mean just because he’s wearing an Ottawa jersey.
I mean, they don’t look like they should be anywhere near sports.

The big attraction last night was LA Kings Music Night, a night where 1 of 4 bands are chosen from thousands of submissions to play during LA Kings home games. And who is responsible for picking the bands? These guys!

Fresh from his stint as guest judge on Hockey Marketing Idol.

Well that’s a musician if I’ve ever seen one.

Apparently Dino has been using Rocco’s Old School Tattoo Balm to also dye his hair.

Wait… were these guys judging local bands or are they shooting American Psycho 2?
Seriously, check out that dude in the foreground.

That dude on the left is totally checking his Facebook right now.

So is this guy.

When you think of Rock N Roll… you only think of one thing!


These are the final 4 bands that were chosen for LA Kings Music Nights.
And I’m pretty sure they are all the same band.

Thursday night just outside Staples Center… between the 2nd and 3rd period… it was Breathe Carolina’s time to shine.

No really… totally smart to wear the Star hat on the night the Kings are playing the Stars.
You are SO punk rock.

I liked this kid better the 1st time… when he was called Bright Eyes.

I don’t know about you guys… but nothing screams Rock N Roll
like a keytar with Angels highlights playing in the background.

Forget about Breathe Carolina… a real rock legend was at the Kings game Thursday night.

Rob Scuderi’s grandmother!

It’s not a rock concert until someone makes out.

Ok, it’s a rock concert.

I’m sorry… but have you ever seen a face like this before?

Oh I guess you have.

Oh I guess you really, really have.

Hey, at least the Kings got a point, right? It’s just one of those games you have to shrug your shoulders and say “WTF.”

The Royal Half has been a Los Angeles Kings fan since 1988 and a Half-Season Ticket Holder since 2002. He has seen the following goaltenders play in person for the Los Angeles Kings… Kelly Hrudey, Grant Fuhr, Byron Dafoe, Jamie Storr, Stephane Fiset, Felix Potvin, Cristobal Huet, Roman Cechmanek, Mathieu Garon, Adam Hauser, Jason LaBarbera, Barry Brust, Sean Burke, Dan Cloutier, Yutaka Fukufuji, Jean-Sebastien Aubin, Erik Ersberg, Jonathan Bernier, Jonathan Quick, Ben Scrivens and Martin Jones.You can follow The Royal Half on Twitter @TheRoyalHalf.