TRH Recap 43: Capital T-Bowe



It’s weird that the Washington DC feed had the best angle of Jack Johnson “Tebowing”…
because aren’t they supposed to have seperation of church and state?

What is it with Los Angeles Kings players and big-time goal celebrations after Coach Murray’s have been fired? Remember this gem from 2006?

Well, just a mere 5 days after Andy Murray was fired from the Kings, Sean Avery mocked his former coach and his penchant for pushups in a goal celebration. Of course, Sean Avery began his career of off-ice suspensions a month later and we all know how that turned out. So who knows if Darryl Sutter is going to come down hard on Jack Johnson (I get the feeling he kinda likes it) but The Royal Half has a couple suggestions for Jack Johnson since he seems to be super in-tune with Pop Culture.


Infinitely more popular than Tebowing in its heyday, the Macarena truly swept America off its feet. And it’s even more popular today! Plus, it seems like something that Jack Johnson would do anyway… especially when drunk at a wedding. But I worry that the Macarena isn’t Pop Culture enough to satisfy Jack Johnson’s thirst for his goal celebrations.

Yes! Nothing screams lasting power like a Planking goal celebration! And Jack Johnson wouldn’t be the first NHL player to Plank. But we all know that Planking is so passe now, right? RIGHT?!?

Jack Johnson is OWLING on top of PLANKING!!!

If Jack Johnson really wants to improve on his Pop Culture goal celebrations, then he should look closer to home. Because last week, Drew Doughty started a new craze when scoring a goal… Crotching!

Since Jack Johnson has a friendly rivalry with his defensive buddy Drew Doughty… I suggest the following goal celebration to really take it to the next level.

There is no way Dean Lombardi should trade this guy.
 Well, actually there are a ton of reasons to trade this guy.

Who knows what Jack Johnson’s next goal celebration will be? And since that was Jack Johnson’s 1st goal in 17 games… who knows if he may ever score again! But I’m sure that the next time he does score, Jack Johnson’s goal celebration will be as culturally relevant as Tebowing. Maybe next time he’ll even steal a page out of his Dad’s celebration playbook.

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