Pundays: Quit Stalling

What’s even rarer than 3 brothers playing in the NHL at the same time? (Well, 3 brothers besides the Sutters, I guess.) 3 brothers being featured as Pun Headlines on the front page of NHL.com in the same week, that’s what!

I’m not sure if this Pun Headline is about Marc Staal’s return to the lineup…
or just blatant propaganda for the Russian Communist Party

This is probably the first time the words “Eric Staal” and “good”
have been used in the same sentence this season.

Not so much a Pun Headline as a direct quote from a coach that just lost most of his starting lineup.

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The talk of last week was the NHL Winter Classic and the front page of NHL.com was filled with puns about the Classic’s breakout star. 

No, not him. The one that actually played in the Winter Classic.

“Anything” is also what Mike Barnett tried to trade Rupp for in 2005.

Maybe if John Tortorella had just called the whole thing “Hen-ridiculous” he wouldn’t have been fined.
Wait… how is this a Pun Headline? It’s just “Hen” in front of “Ridiculous.”

The entire hockey world was talking about the sex-crazed, rock and roll celebrity that took in a NHL game this past week. 

Close. But guess again.

Nailed it.
Of course I’m referring to this

Bill Clinton was always know for having the gift of Gab.

Sometimes, words are not enough to fully express the awesomeness of the game of hockey… so the Head Pun Headline Writers at NHL.com will use numbers.

This was a banner week for Team-Name-Based-Pun-Headlines.

Seriously, how short is Brad Marchand?
Apparently too short for Sami Salo’s liking.

I think Brent Burns’ suit spent too much time being dried in the fin cycle. 

Blank and Blue are also the description of the faces of the Senators and Av’s GM’s that let Elliott go.

I wish that Craig Rivet made a comeback with the Canucks
so we could have a “Van Down by the Rivet” headline.

Lots of people like to pile on the Leafs.


This is the same motion Rangers fans will make if Lundqvist ever gets hurt.

I’m surprised that Lars Eller was voted #1 star of the game in Montreal considering he doesn’t speak French.

Oh, I’m sorry. I thought this headline was a game-status update for James Van Reimsdyk.

This is also the situation that occurs when Vin Diesel and Vin Scully are in the same room.

Man, it would suck to have your name used in a Pun Headline that meant nothing exciting happen.

At first glance, I thought it was “Brand New Jar.”

How is this not the name of a sandwich in a local Philadelphia deli?!?

I can tell you one aspect of Bergeron that is not on fire…
His ability to be interesting on videotape

Not sure if this is the most appropriate headline involving a Denver-based public figure.

Even Shakespeare wouldn’t take credit for this Pun Headline.

Never change, NHL.com. Never change.

Is it me or does The Benn Brothers sound like a alt-country band?

Not sure why every word of this Pun Headline is hyphenated.

Call me a traditionalist, but when I see a Pun Headline…
I like to see the player whose name is being punned in the picture.

This is what the Detroit Red Wings usually say about clinching a playoff spot in February.

I’ll take “Things Alain Vigneault Never Says in Boston” for 300, Alex.

This Pun Headline is the most screen time Cuba Gooding has got in the last 3 years.

And via the incomparable @PezDoy… this weeks winner of “Best Homo-Erotic Pundays”…

Man, that Pun Headline totally blows.

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