TRH Recap 33: The Kindest Leaf

Just so we are clear… Dustin Brown’s shootout goal doesn’t count in the standings… but at least finally the Los Angeles Kings figured out a way to win a game by only scoring 2 goals. Even though the Kings second goal shouldn’t have counted.


The Kings sure did have a lot to talk about during Monday nights 3-2 shootout win over the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“Hey… any of you guys send a Holiday gift to Coach Murray?”

“No, do you have any ideas?”

“Hmm, maybe we could have bought him a goal?”

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Wooooo-hooooo! The Los Angeles Kings squeaked out a 3-2 shootout victory over the 15th place team in the NHL that hasn’t made the playoffs in 6 seasons! All of our problems are over! Yesterday I realized that with all the accolades Dustin Penner has been receiving over the past 2 weeks for actually playing like the player this franchise gave up a #1 draft pick and a former #1 draft pick for… the Kings are 2-4 in games that Penner has a point. (The best part of that stat is the fact that Dustin Penner has only scored a point in 6 of the 22 games he’s played in this season.) So after somehow going +2 with 2 assists in Saturday’s 8-2 drubbing by the Red Wings… Dustin Penner doesn’t score last night, goes -1… and the Kings of course win.

“Be honest with me… how bad is it? Will I ever be able to play again?”

“Umm… is this assuming what you’ve been doing the last 2 months is considered ‘playing’?”

So seriously… what is the deal with the LA Kings playing in Toronto and being the beneficiary of awful refereeing? Because if it’s going to continue this way… I’d like to petition the NHL to move the Kings into the Maple Leafs conference next season. Who cares about extra travel when you are going to get calls like this?

Darryl Sutter is coming to town on Wednesday and everyone is talking about it. And now it seems like everyone is talking about how Jack Johnson might be on his way out of LA

Those cheekbones. That jawline. That smile. Gosh… it’s driving me crazy… where have I seen that before?

Yup. That’s it.

Sure, Kings and Maple Leafs fans may never be able to agree on referees and linesmen that blow calls. But there is one thing they can agree on… douchey fans.

Darryl Sutter makes his return to coaching Wednesday at 10:30am. But the only era I want to see making a comeback is the one that involves Mike Richards. And damn… it seems like that is close.

Man… I’ve never wanted to be the color “crimson” so bad in my entire life.

So at 2-2, the Interim Coach John Stevens Era ends up better than the 5-7 Interim Coach John Torchetti Era. And with everyone talking about Darryl Sutter as the new Head Coach in LA… other Head Coaches in the NHL are trying their best to get some attention as well.

By wearing awful, awful, awful suits.

Maybe Ron Wilson is just trying to remind his Maple Leafs players of the time when their team was good. 

You know… the 70s.

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