TRH Recap 32: Eight is Enough

Someone at the Fox Sports West HD Production Team has a pretty sick sense of humor… because after reports swirled all day long that Darryl Sutter has been hired as the 23rd coach of the Los Angeles Kings… the director felt the need to cut to Interim Coach John Stevens after every single goal the Detroit Red Wings scored Saturday night. And boy… his camera switching finger must have got tired.


Okay, we are still in this.


“Hey Jamie… I think we are still in this, right?”

“Yeah… we are still in this.”

“Then why is Scuds giving us the ‘Kilroy was Here’?” 


“Look, I just got word. Montreal might be hiring. Do you know French?”


“Bonjour, mon nom est John… Bonjour, mon nom est John.”


“Jamie… I’m starting to think that Terry Murray wasn’t the problem.”


“What time does Sutter get here?”

For a change of pace… the Fox Sports West HD director instead cut to a shot of Dean Lombardi for the 7th Red Wing goal…

Man, this has been a tough few weeks for Dean Lombardi.
Especially because he’s the one on the left.

GOAL #7 

“What time does Sutter get here?”


This isn’t really what the director cut to after the 8th and final Red Wings goal against the Kings.
It’s just the last time you’ll get to see Anze Kopitar smile once Darryl Sutter takes over.


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Boy, that was a Quick exit.

There is no joy this Christmas from Jon Quick.

When Davis Drewiske and Jarret Stoll provide your teams’ offense… there might be something wrong.

Congrats to Davis Drewiske on his 2nd goal of the season.
Now tying him with former Norris Trophy candidate and 7 million dollar defenseman, Drew Doughty.

Sure, Davis Drewiske might be on a scoring tear these last two games… but luckily there are signs everywhere in Detroit that remind him of what he’ll never be.

A Norris Trophy Winner.

With the way Drew Doughty is struggling this season, he only needed to look to his left last night to see what happens to high-scoring, Stanley Cup winning, Norris Trophy nominated defensemen after they retire.

They get squeezed between the two benches.

Of course, looming over the broadcast last night was the impending hiring of Darryl Sutter. Bob Miller did his best to keep Kings fans positive by reminding them that even though real journalists Rich Hammond and Helene Elliott had reported the signing… it still wasn’t official.

I know we all kid about how out-of-touch Darryl Sutter might be as the new LA Kings coach… but I thought it was strange that the Kings provided Sutter with this material to start his team research.

And despite his visa issues, Darryl Sutter was able to watch the game in Detroit last night.

Man, life on the farm has not treated Darryl well.

I’m not so much worried about Darryl Sutter as I am this team. They looked awful last night in Detroit and they seem to be handling all this controversy with the most fragile of egos. Looking over at the opposition’s bench, I couldn’t help but wonder… what if we really did have a real man for a coach?

Mike Babcock chews his gum like he coaches his team.


MacSwede wins Sunday morning.

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