TRH Gameday 30 – Boston Bruins: Even Stevens

Game #30

LA Kings 
(13-12-4, 22nd in NHL)
Boston Bruins
(18-9-1, 7th in NHL)

4:00pm, TD Garden
Boston, MA


That’s right, Ray Bourque should have been a LA King.


“Hey Murph… any advice for my 1st game?”

“Goals. Score goals. Apparently it’s important.” 

Days of Yorr

How will the LA Kings look in the John Stevens Era? Sure, Stevens been the Assistant Coach all season but what do Kings fans really know about his coaching style? Well I did what any good Los Angeles Hockey Executive would do… I made someone from Philadelphia do my job. From the “retired too early” Flyers Goal Scored By:

The Terry Murray reign of mundane terror is over.  In his wake, John Stevens takes over. So what can Flyers West expect out of Papa Stevens?  Well, not much.  That isn’t necessarily a *Bad* thing either.  Stevens isn’t going to do anything to radically change the Kings mentality or their game strategy.  By all accounts, John Stevens is a good coach.  He isn’t some blowhard like the one in Anaheim, nor is he a former Bond villain like the one in Tampa Bay.  John Stevens rose through the coaching ranks in Philly.  He got a lot out of a talented roster and was successful at executing a simple gameplan.  He was an AHL lifer, plays his lines evenly and has some guys in the locker room on his side in Richards/Gagne.

I enjoyed John Stevens as a Flyers coach, but ultimately, he got fired for what just happened to Terry Murray.  A very sound, knowledgable coach that couldn’t get anything out of a very talented group of players.  Terry Murray is the new John Stevens. The circle is now complete, John Stevens is Simba from the Lion King. (Does that make Dean Lombardi Timon or Pumba?)

And from Adam Pardes of The Checking Line

What can Kings fans expect from John Stevens when he takes over the reins tonight in Boston? Well, as a Flyers fan, let me tell you that a display of wide-ranging emotions won’t be on the list. Stevens’ demeanor tiptoes the line between admirably unflappable and simply unengaged, something his critics in Philadelphia won’t hesitate to bring up. Don’t get me wrong though — being calm under fire is one thing I think coaches owe their players; it’s too easy for a team to get wrapped up in their emotions when they fall behind in a game, to just get frustrated and give up. The good news? Stevens is able to use his poise to help keep players focused and motivated. The bad news? Well, it’s not really bad, but it will definitely be up to the players to step up and be more vocal leaders in the locker room and on the ice when the wheels start to come off. In other words, don’t expect Stevens to rally the troops during intermission with barbeque sauce slathered on his face like war paint, but know that his composure will pay off more often than fans might realize.

I think they’ll let Stevens show what he’s got for a bit, but ultimately he’s not gonna be their guy.

Well there you have it. But don’t get too attached to John Stevens and his stylish eyewear… because it looks like Dean Lombardi is getting the band back together!

Not sure what is worse. Mike Ricci’s face or Darryl Sutter’s jacket. 

Look… if the LA Kings want to hire an outdated coach that never makes it out of the 1st Round and lost a Stanley Cup Final… then they should hire Terry Murray. I wouldn’t say that LA Kings fans are unhappy about this possibility… I’d say they are downright horrified. All of a sudden… the man who LA Kings fans held up as The Godfather of their team’s rebuild is starting to show that he’s human after all.

“Just when I thought I’d hire a new Coach…
… the old ones pull me back in.”

So the LA Kings get to start the newest chapter in their disappointing franchise history against the team that won November. No seriously… the Boston Bruins won November.

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