Pundays: Holi-Eric Daze

It’s the week before Christmas and you know what that means… Jeff Halpern doesn’t care, Brian Burke isn’t trading anyone and the Pun Headline Writers at NHL.com are indeed in the holiday spirit.

The headline for Versteeg’s time in Philly was Kris Krumple.

This isn’t as much a clever Holidays themed Pun Headline…
as it is the Penguins game plan at the center position for the remainder of the season.

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The feel good great story from the past week was Teemu Selanne’s return to Winnipeg to play against the team that everyone in Winnipeg thinks is Selanne’s former team but is actually the Atlanta Thrashers. 

Actually, flashing the Winnipeg is what this guy was caught doing.

I have to check my notes… but I’m pretty sure that this is
the 1st time a winning team has an opposing player featured in its Pun Headline.

NHL.com even honored one of Selanne’s old teammates.
Oh… Thomas Steen’s son is in the NHL?!? God, I’m old.

The Pun Headline Writers of NHL.com must have been inspired by Teemu Selanne and the Glory Days of the 1990’s, because this past week had more pop culture references than an episode of “I Love the 90s.

There were really bad 90’s tv shows

… and even worse 90’s tv shows.

Overplayed 90’s ad campaigns

… and old coaches from the 90’s.

One team is currently playing as well as it did in the late 1990s… and for the St. Louis Blues… that’s a really good thing.

There is no better juxtaposition in all of hockey than Ken Hitchcock and a Jay Z album.

As we get closer to the 25th of December, the Pun Headline writers at NHL.com are continuing their “12 B’s of Christmas” series.

6 goals-a-scoring.

4 players-a-celebrating.

1 embarrassed Sens team.

I think I have an idea of what you want for Christmas. PLAYER-NAME-PUN-HEADLINES, THAT’S WHAT!!!

It seems like the only thing Zach Parise can’t do for the New Jersey Devils is sign a contract.

I Kane-t believe how boring NHL 36 was.

I wonder if they ever considered using “On the Rag” for a Rangers Pun Headline.

I think NHL.com might want to stay away from this turn of phrase.

This is less a Pun Headline and more a description of the fans in Philly once Pronger and Giroux went down.

I’ll give NHL.com a pass on this one because that really was a cam good save.

Speaking of the Washington Capitals 2011-2012 season…wake me when it’s ovi.

Just a subtle reminder of what the holiday season is truly about.

I like to imagine Borat saying this headline over and over again.


This truly is the winter of our discount tents.

Which Emerald Isle do you think the Pun Headline writers are referring to?

1) The poetic name for Ireland
2) The Emerald Isle in the Northwest Territories
3) The Emerald Isle in North Carolina
4) The phantom island reported by some early explorers to lie between Australia and Antarctica

More like the Devils nied him back.

And this weeks winner of “Ummm… How Come I’ve Never Seen This Awesome Punday Before???

It’s the ship that outscores Kessel in less than twelve parsecs.

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