Pundays: Hack Job

Hey… you know the one thing the good folks at NHL.com don’t need this holiday season? 

Yet another NHL rookie goalie with a totally punable last name.

That’s actually not a Pun Headline…
it’s just what the rest of the NHL is calling the LA Kings right now.

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Just as quickly as he reappeared on the front page Pun Headlines of NHL.com… it seems like Sidney Crosby might be taking a couple steps back. And even though this may not be a Pun Headline… some Crosby Haters could easily turn it into one.

Brandon Dubinsky would call this one “Baby Sitting.

I realize that the Pun Headlines writers at NHL.com have to toe the line when it comes to making Pun Headlines about player suspensions… but I really feel like they missed an opportunity when Jordin Tootoo was suspended for… wait for it…. two games.

Top 3 Rejected Pun Headlines for Jordin Tootoo’s 2 Game Suspension

1. Tootoo Loo
2. That’s Tootoo Bad
3.  Tootoo, Shy, Shy… Hush, Hush, Why o’ Why?

Turns out that at NHL.com… good things don’t come in 3s… they come in 4s.

Looks like this Canucks-Senators game was only the 2nd greatest game of Connect Four ever.

This headline would have been better used to explain the NHL’s new conferences.

Of course, everyone has been monitoring the situation in Washington since Bruce Boudreau was fired… and this past week was a promising one for the Capitals, both on the ice and on the front page.

“Cap and Down” has been one of the more positive Pun Headlines regarding the Capitals.
That’s how bad their season has been. 

This Pun Headline is so exciting the trainer on the bench almost looked up from drawing his hand face.

Try telling that to Bruce Boudreau.

What’s the only thing less stable right now than Terry Murray’s job? PLAYER-NAME-PUN-HEADLINES… that’s what!!!

“Dr. Marc-An-Dre” on the lower right is one of the biggest stretches I’ve ever seen in a Pun Headline.

Not sure associating a Pun Headline with a rapper convicted for attempted murder is the best use of NHL.com’s resources.

Not sure associating a Pun Headline with the Rockabilly sub-culture is the best use of NHL.com’s resources.
Seriously, check out that site… Rick DiPietro is on it.

I have a feeling Marty St. Louis would want less of Moore

If things had gone differently for the Panthers this season, this headline would be “Theo-Dore Mat.”

All the Mac Geeks out there wish this was Hodg-Man.

This will also be the Pun Headline when Glen Sather signs Brodziak to an insane contract next summer.

This is a lame Pun Headline but it gives me an excuse to post this Saturday Night Live classic clip.

Is this supposed to be a pun of Ragtime or Hangtime?

And this weeks winner of the “Best Punday When It’s Okay to Call a Hockey Player a Girl“…

Hey Dads… you think you were pretty awesome during the delivery of your child?
Then go score your 2nd straight game-winning goal afterwards

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