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From our Los Angeles Kings Bloggers Roundtable, dated October 1st, 2011…


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Mayors Manor

For sure.  Bet on it.

Eric Cooney @ Pro Sports Blogging

Murray will definitely be coach come December.  He’s not on the hot-seat yet and considering Lombardi’s resistance to knee-jerk moves, I wouldn’t expect the hook for Murray.  If Murray fails to navigate the ship out of round 1 of the playoffs, then I’d expect some coaching turnaround.

LA Kings Outsider

Yes. TM’s system works.  But I wouldn’t be opposed to John Stevens and Terry Murray switching roles at some point during the season.

Keith from Kingscast

Calm down, Kings fans, Terry Murray got us to the playoffs.  We would have gone a hell of a lot further if we weren’t missing Kopitar and if Williams’ shoulder wasn’t mangled.  Let’s see what happens now that Penner is less out of shape and Dwight King isn’t your top line left-wing.

Alex from Kingscast

I seriously questioned his employment during that time last season, maybe more January-ish. But yes, I think he will be coaching the team. A complete disaster of a first-half is needed for Murray to be shown the door since he was able to sustain last winter’s slump, and I don’t see that happening right now.

Protect This Throne

Yeah. I think so. I have a love-hate relationship with him that is half-based on the team’s performance and half-based on how much of a dick he seems at any given time. But putting my own personal feelings aside, I think he does an ok job, and unless we come out of the gates and blow the first 20 games, I’ll be happy to see him at the helm for the rest of this coming season.

Rudy Kelly @ Battle of California

Yes. He will not be the coach come next September, however.

Quisp @ Jewels From the Crown

If the Kings stumble out of the gate — with or without Doughty — Murray will get fired.

Waving Back at Gretzky

Yep.  If the team totally craps the bed in the first couple months, then everyone can just blame Drew.

Life in Hockeywood

Yes. No reason to fire him. And no, he’s not my dad.

The 110 Report

Of course he will. I think the Kings start out hot, then cool like last season, but they won’t fall to the depths that they fell to a year ago. This team is way too hungry to make Terry Murray the focal point again.

Crowned Royal

John Stevens is breaking down the door with the same fire ax he just killed Jamie Kompon with.

The Royal Half

I know we all take our shots at Coach Murray… but he has built this team just as much as Dean Lombardi has. And I’d hate to lose a coach who is so honest and upfront with the fans of the team.

So in review, once again, Quisp is the only blogger that knows anything about anything. But special Bonus Blogger Points to LA Kings Outsider for correctly predicting that Terry Murray and John Stevens would be trading places at some point during the season. With the LA Kings struggling to score goals… and John Stevens trying to figure out what to do in the interim… there is only one thing to do when it comes to wondering who the next Head Coach of the LA Kings will be…

Buy the farm.

In case you missed it, there was a gem buried in Rich Hammond’s post about the LA Kings reaching out to Darryl Sutter yesterday.

Sutter could be announced as the Kings’ coach this week, although it’s unlikely that he would be behind the bench Thursday in Columbus. Sutter also helps tend to the family farm in Alberta and might need some time to get his personal affairs in order.

Yup, that’s right. Darryl Sutter may not be behind the Kings bench on Thursday because he’s busy tending to the family farm. I had no idea the Kings were going after Dwight Schrute. I wish there was someway to visually represent what Darryl Sutter looks like right now while negotiating his new contract with Dean Lombardi.

An awesome photoshop from @IronSightDesign.

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