TRH Recap 14: Decision Time?

Pop Quiz!!! Which of the following players is NOT a NHL goaltender?




B, Dustin Penner.
We would have also accepted C, Jon Bernier.

That’s right, folks… during Monday night’s loss to the San Jose Sharks… Los Angeles Kings goaltender, Jon Quick, tied Dustin Penner in points for the season.

In fairness to Dustin Penner… I do think he would have
hugged the post better on Joe Thornton’s goal than Jon Quick did. 

The Kings have lost 5 in a row… they’ve scored 3 or more goals in 4 of 14 games this season… and their Hall of Fame beat writer is calling them out on Twitter. I just wish there was someway to visually represent how most Kings fans are feeling right now…

Yeah, it might just be time to call a time-out.


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That just might have been the most lopsided 4-2 game I’ve seen in quite some time. The Kings came out incredibly strong in the 1st period… and then once San Jose Sharks coach, Todd McLellan, made the necessary adjustments… the Kings were embarrassed by the defending Pacific Division champions in the 2nd and 3rd period. Right now… the nation of Kings bloggers are calling for the head of Coach Murray. I guess it turns out that Michael Jackson’s doctor had the 2nd worst day for a person with the last name Murray.

“I mean… did you see that 2nd period? That coach is THE worst.”

While I’ve been hesitant to jump on the “Don’t Fire Coach Murray” bandwagon in the past… tonight… after an awful 5th straight loss, I don’t know what to think. I know that Steve Yzerman and Mike Modano were world class offensive talents that didn’t win a Stanley Cup until they had a coach teach them how to play defense. And Coach Murray has taught Anze Kopitar how to play defense. I feel that Coach Murray has had the patience to allow Jon Quick to grow into an elite NHL goaltender over the past 3 seasons… instead of responding to any silly pressure that Jon Bernier was the future of this team. And yes… while this team has struggled to score goals the last few seasons… their defense has been top notch. And I think I read somewhere that defense wins championships. But yet here we are… 14 games into the season with a team that everyone thought was the “it” pick in the West… and they are 3 points above the other Western Conference team that just fired their coach. And that made the in-game interview with John Stevens a little bit awkward.

2nd Season as Kings Assistant Coach.
And soon to be 1st as Head. 

So while I think that I really want the Kings to figure their way out of this mini-slump with their current Head Coach (don’t forget, the Kings did go 2-10 for a period last season and still made the playoffs)… if I were GM Dean Lombardi… right now I’d be pretty pissed off. Because he’s worked his ass off the last 6 seasons re-building this team from rock bottom. And coming into this season he assembled, on paper at least, a winning team to hand over to his coaching staff. So it’s up to them to execute it. And at the end of the day… the coaching staff needs to be held responsible. I just wish there was some sort of example of a new coach coming in and being able to completely turn around a team that was full of offensive potential but struggling to win games.

Oh hey, Dan. Didn’t see you there.

But let’s talk about the most troubling thing I saw on the ice for the Los Angeles Kings tonight…

I mean… seriously… have you ever seen a mustache this awful before?

Oh… I guess you have.

I had no idea that Ethan Moreau was such an avid surfer.
Because the dude is addicted to boarding.

“Dude, Jack. Do you realize you have more goals than Justin Williams,
Mike Richards, Dustin Brown, Drew Doughty and Dustin Penner?”

“Greener… a circle has more points than Dustin Penner.”

Joke totally stolen from @Sben88.

Looks like Patrick O’Neal is going to be buying one of our t-shirts really, really soon.

I fucking give up.

Awesome! Nashville Predators Tuesday night in Los Angeles? And then Vancouver on Thursday? Oh and then Minnesota on Saturday? The Kings totally picked the right week to absolutely need to break out of a 5 game slump! If the Kings lose to the Predators… I just wonder who is going to be behind the bench for the Kings on Thursday night.

Look… if Ken Hitchcock can come back… so can I!
And besides… I coached the Flyers once. How can the Kings not hire me? 

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