PUNDAYS: Hat Trick or Treat

It’s Halloween at Pundays, where we look at the best and worst NHL.com front page Pun Headlines from the past week. And you better eat all your candy as soon as you can… because you don’t want it to spoil!

If the Edmonton Oilers keep playing like they have been… these headlines are going to sp-oil real quick.

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With the Edmonton Oilers back on the front page of NHL.com this past week… you’d think it was the late 90’s all over again.

It’s like he never left and went to Long Island, Denver and Los Angeles. And then back to Edmonton.

But Ryan Smyth wasn’t the only late 90’s star making a return to the NHL.com Pun Headlines.

Try telling that to the Penguins fans.

The Pun Headline writers figured the best way to celebrate the 90’s was with some of its most popular songs.

The only thing that smells here is Langenbrunner’s armpit.

This better be a pun about the Rusted Root song… otherwise it’s just gross.

And in keeping with the 90’s Pun Headlines week theme, NHL.com also featured a game from the 1990’s.

After a few games of complete awfulness, the Montreal Canadiens realized what the source of their struggles were… and fired their assistant coach. And they promptly returned to the front page of NHL.com.

The only bad habit around here is the bad habit of using “hab-it.”

The only thing more common than “Hab-it” puns around these parts are puns featuring Phil Kessel. And luckily, this season, Phil Kessel is giving NHL.com more of a reason to be featured besides his pun-able first name. 

I still can’t believe that the Maple Leafs stole Kessel with the last pick in the All-Star Draft.

How good of a season is Phil Kessel having?
We are 11 games in and there is already a video highlights package for him.

After all these years of studying the NHL.com Pun Headlines… I’m still amazed at how they bend the pronunciation of words to make it work in their favor.

I really feel like those Pun Headlines would work better if they were reversed.

And if Edmonton Oilers fans aren’t happy enough these days… they can now dance when their back-up goalie starts.

And now for something you’d never thought you’d see…

10 bucks that this appears in an ad for the Ottawa Senators by the end of the season.

Finally, this week’s winner of the “Pundays Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Award….”

But not e-nov to keep him on the Kings roster.

And since it’s Halloween… it may not be a Pun Headline… but is this not the scariest photo you’ve seen of 3 teenagers or what?!?

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