TRH Recap: Return of the King

Coming into the Los Angeles Kings Saturday night game against the Philadelphia Flyers, all the talk was about the emotional return of a prominent former Flyer who was unceremoniously traded away. 

I’m sorry… were you expecting someone else?


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Justin Williams was just 22 years old when the Flyers shipped him to the Carolina Hurricanes for Danny Markov. Markov played 52 games for the Flyers with 8 points while Justin Williams did this. Sure, Williams may have only been a Flyer for 4 years as compared to Mike Richards’ 6… but he still showed them what they were missing.

Forget about that goal… how sick was that pass from Willie Mitchell?

But people weren’t in Philadelphia Saturday night to talk about Justin Williams… no… they were there to boo their former Captain who was completely shocked when the franchise he had signed a 12 year contract with traded him out of nowhere.

How tough of a town is Philly?
On the back side of these signs it said “…now go fuck yourself, Richards!”

It was the 5’11” 195 pound gorilla in the room… so the Flyers organization had to do something to acknowledge Richards return.

When I’m honored by my former franchise I can only hope
that it’s on top of a CavityBusters.Com banner ad. 

If I’m gonna end up looking like these guys, I’m glad I’m getting traded.

Of course, in his deeply emotional way… Mike Richards was incredibly moved by all the tributes.

But not as moved as former Flyer coach, Terry Murray, was.

But now… Mike Richards is a Los Angeles King. And last nights game showed all of Kings Nation exactly why Dean Lombardi made a play for this guy.

Yeah, I’m not really comfortable with where Lombardi’s hand is there.

Like running into an ex-girlfriend…
Wayne Simmonds couldn’t even look Jim Fox in the eye.

I just wish there was some way to visually represent the connection between this two franchises… while Coach Murray has a coronary.

Of course there was only one thing that could spoil Mike Richards triumphant return to Philadelphia… Drew Doughty’s season being ruined!

Forget about Zac Rinaldo’s incredibly clean hit of Drew Doughty as he decided to skate into the offensive zone with his head completely down… but is it me or is Dustin Penner really good at coming in and fighting after big Drew Doughty hits?

And after skating a total of 5 minutes for Coach Murray last night… jumping in for fights after Drew Doughty hits may be the only marketable skill left for Dustin Penner.


Sure, people are very clear to state that Drew Doughty’s injury after this hit is not head related… but how is that a plus? They won’t let you play with a head injury anymore in the NHL… but a nagging shoulder injury? Sure… get in there kid and skate! And I wouldn’t say the the remaining pieces of the Kings defense were super impressive once Doughty left the game.

“Um… hey Matt. I know that this is my first game this season and all…”


“But um… are you supposed to take 3 penalties?”

And if Dustin Penner’s only marketable skill is starting fights after Drew Doughty hits… then Jack Johnson’s one is even more niche… scoring in overtime.

Everyone remember how well I played last season when Doughty was out?
Well… now it’s MY time to shine!

Well, actually… it will probably be Slava Voynov’s time to shine as he will most likely to be called up to replace Doughty. But that’s not all we learned last night…

Here’s another Flyer Fans Fun Fact…
…they are a bunch of assholes for booing Mike Richards.
I mean, seriously, what sort of fan base boos a former Captain that has been traded for circumstances beyond his control???


The Los Angeles Kings Home Opener is Tuesday night against the St. Louis Blues… looks like all those Kings fans that were worried during the pre-season that they wouldn’t get a chance to see Drew Doughty play in person just got their wish granted. I’ll be there… but I got to see Doughty play in Europe so I’m all good, suckers!

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