PUNDAYS: Let’s Be Cereal

It seems that something called the “NBA Lockout” might be leaving several thousand fans without a league to follow come November 1st. So you can bet that the good folks at the NHL.com Pun Headline Writing Department are going to jump on the opportunity to have the great sport of hockey appeal to a whole new fanbase. But I think they got their fledgling sports leagues mixed up. 

I am really not comfortable with the way Mike Komisarek is looking at Kessel.

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So the Philadelphia Flyers trade their Captain and leading goal scorer and sign a 31 year-old goalie to a 9 year contract. Then… they open up the 2011-2012 NHL season 3-0-1. I wish there was some way to visually represent everything Flyers right now.

Whoa, whoa, whoa… stop the clock there Meszaros.
“Andre The Giant” pun headlines belong to someone else

Of course, the Philadelphia Flyers were expected to compete this season. But what about teams that even their own fans had doubted could succeed?

Why do I get the feeling in January Peter Forsberg is gonna give it one more shot.

And even though the Buffalo Sabres loaded up on high-priced “talent” during the off-season, no one was sure how it would come together once the season began.

“No F, Luke” is also what girls used to say to Luke Adam before October 6th.

Of course, while some teams have exceeded expectations 5 games into the 2011-2012 NHL Season… other teams have been a little too busy with extra-curricular activities.

But these are the defending Stanley Cup Champions after all… and with Tim Thomas in your net, a rise to the front page of the NHL.com Pun Headlines cannot be far behind.

Easier there Poindexter with the big Harvard words.

Of course the Pun Headline Writing Department are Weezer fans.
And how did it take this long for someone to use that?!? 

Is this a Pun Headline?
Or did someone pocket text me by accident?

Is it just me or does “Backside Backstrom” sound like a sexual position?

Is it just me or does “Dennis the Man-Ace” sound like a sexual position?
(Thanks to @bruinshockeynow for the tip)

Now I know I might be accused of some serious hometown bias here, but even though they’ve only scored 9 goals in 4 games… the LA Kings are lighting up the front page of NHL.com.

As if the Mark Messier Leadership Award wasn’t awful enough, now there’s the Melrose Mullet of the Week?
I look forward to the Kevin Weekes “Marginal Backup Goalie of the Week” nominations.

If the NHL.com Pun Headline Writers had any backbone…
they would have gone with “Jack’d Off.”

Hmm, I thought any pun headline that involved
the walking dead would be about Anze Kopitar.

Well, the great thing about being a LA Kings fan right now is that there is absolutely nothing that can derail this teams rise to the top!

And finally, this weeks winner of “Best Punday That Involves 2 Players Who Might Actually Still Eat Children’s Cereal…

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