PUNDAYS: It’s the Pitts

When it comes to technology in its game, the NHL seems to be ahead of the other major sports. There are comprehensive explanations of illegal hits sent out via Twitter. There are cutting edge uniforms that help to increase the speed of the game… as long as you don’t sweat. And soon there will be a tiny green line that tells us fans when it’s safe to cheer for a goal. But none of that compares to the new technology that the writers of the NHL.com Pun Headlines busted out this past week.

But honestly…. those weren’t even the funniest headline I saw this past week.

This was.

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The NHL season is in full swing… and according to the Pun Headline Writers at NHL.com… it’s QUICKLY shaping up to be the year of the goaltender.

At 1-4-2 you better carry on… because there is nothing to see here.

Just once I wish Ryan Miller would get busted smoking pot so we could see a “Miller High Life” pun headline.

Any headline that makes people think of this movie is an awful headline.

Ok, this is an early nominee for the Punday Playoffs.

Craw-Struck is also what happened to the Vancouver Canucks, the Los Angeles Kings and the Dallas Stars.

This is the same thing the New York Rangers defense says to Henrik Lundqvist each and every game.

Let’s just hope Jon Quick’s shutout streak lasts longer than MC Hammer’s career.
Oh.. look… after 3 games, it already has. 

In fact, the only thing more popular than goalies on the front page of NHL.com this week… was the city of Pittsburgh. 

Imagine how many more front page Pun Headlines the Pittsburgh Penguins would make if they had any star players!
Seriously… what is PK Subban doing in that above photo?

 The best part of a fresh NHL season is all the surprise scoring that comes from players that normally don’t get to make it onto the front page of NHL.com… twice.

In a league where Phil Kessel is the leading scorer… this truly has been the year of the brand-new superstars.

I wouldn’t say Matt D’Agostini is unknown around the NHL,
but they couldn’t find an actual photo of him anywhere on the internet.

I’d say half of the NHL.com Pun Headline writers are HUGE science fiction fans

… and the other half LOVE fart jokes.

Every day we should thank Dean Kamen, because otherwise they’d have nothing to pun Tyler Seguin’s name with.

And this whole time I thought “Sami Automatic” referred to the occurrence of Salo getting injured.

I’m surprised that after this headline was posted…
Kyle Wellwood didn’t come running to the NHL.com offices. 

And finally… this week’s winner of the “Pundays First Big Trade Pun Headline of the Year Award…

I would have gone with “Sturm Clouds.”

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