Pundays: Finals Destination

We took last week off for a little vacation here at the Pundays Playoffs, where we are holding a Stanley Cup style playoff format to determine the best NHL.com pun headline of the 2010-2011 season. But rest assured, this week… we are back to our normal situation.

I have the feeling that this Sidney Crosby concussion situation is going to be anything but normal.
Also, there is nothing normal about that thing on his lip. 

When we last checked in on the Pundays Playoffs, there were 8 NHL.com Pun Headlines battling it out to advance to their respective Conference Finals. And with nearly 300 votes being tallied, we sure had a blast determining the winners!

But with only 4 Pun Headlines left in the voting, 2 for each conference, now is the time for these Pun Headlines to really step up their game and prove that they aren’t chokers. There is only one word to describe the Pundays Playoffs Conference Finals!

Click here to check out and vote in the Conference Finals of the best NHL.com pun headlines from the past season!!!

Now I realize that at its core The Royal Half can be a littleeeeee bit “Kings-centric.” So that might explain why the #1 seed in the West continues to be the greatest blend of ice hockey and wrestling since the Islanders and Penguins took the ice last February. But right now, the only NHL player who is uglier than Andre the Giant is leading the charge in the West.

Kopitar’s Kompetiton in the Western Conference Pun Headlines Finals? Why it’s the NHL’er named Ilya that’s actually been to the playoffs more than twice.

If Bryzgalov is gonna pull off this upset… he’s gonna have to do better than he did last year against the Red Wings. But honestly… what does he care? That dude is rich!

This sweatshirt is made out of 1000 dollar bills. 

In the East, well, come on… was there any doubt that a Hurricane would be involved in this weeks Pundays Playoffs?

I haven’t seen a Hurricane that was this hyped do so poorly since Jeff Heerema.

The only other natural disaster that could keep a Hurricane from advancing? Andrej Meszaros

Although the Hurricanes have tried to slow Meszaros down before.

Meszaros and Marek Svatos perform the move that is sweeping dance clubs across Slovakia..
The Mesz Dispenser. 

Let’s take a look at the leaderboard, shall we?


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Since they were 5 years old… every single NHL.com Pun Headline has dreamed of this day… The Pundays Playoffs Finals. And next week, they begin. 

As always, you can check out the entire Pundays archive here.

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