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Much like Manny Malhotra, Pundays has returned from near death just in time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Since we last left Pundays, so much has happened during the NHL Playoffs. The San Jose Sharks nearly lost a 3-0 lead, Tyler Seguin leapt to the front of the Conn Smythe voting for 2 games, and some team no one cares about moved to some place no one wants to be. And the craziest part about the last 3 weeks? Those weren’t even the best things that flashed by.

I’d say these are easily the top 2 plays of the year.

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Of course, since Tampa Bay and Boston wrapped up their Eastern Conference Semi-Finals games quickly, they had all the time in the world to sit around and watch the San Jose Sharks nearly lose a 3 game lead on the Detroit Red Wings. 

But even after beating the Red Wings in Game 7, did anyone really think the Sharks had a chance of beating the Vancouver Canucks in the Western Conference Finals?

How hard is it to be a San Jose Shark?
Losing in the Conference Finals to the BEST TEAM IN THE NHL is considered choking.

It’s Playoff-Player-Name-Pun-Headline Time, y’all!

I’m sure after this playoffs many Sharks fan are eager… to get rid of… Eager. Eagerly.

You’ve been told, so maybe it’s time you learned,
You’ve been sold, maybe it’s time that you earned,
I can’t stam ya!

Captain Oveur, white courtesy phone.
Captain Clarence Oveur, white courtesy phone.

Thankfully, I’m sure that NHL.com has many years of Dwayne Roloson puns left in them.

Sadly, many LA Kings fans had thought Teddy Purcell would never lose his purse.

Awful. Just awful.

Genius. Just genius.
And someone at NHL.com is a bit of a wino

But who cares about the other 28 NHL teams?! Starting Wednesday night, it’s all about the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins. And what better way to get ready for the Stanley Cup Final than to sit back and gaze at the best Canucks and Bruins Pun Headlines from the last 3 weeks! Starting in the Western Conference…

Kudos to NHL.com for making a Jeffersons reference on a photo that includes Joel Ward.

That’s more like it… a reference to a tv show that only white people would get.

Whoops, I sed it again!

And again.

For Chris Higgins, this playoffs has been 2007-2008 all over again.
Too bad it ends in 2 weeks.

If no one is making a “Party Time! Bieksallent!” t-shirt in Vancouver by now…
I call dibs. 

So now NHL.com is making pun headlines for video game simulations?
Must be a slow news day

And from the Eastern Conference, the Boston Bruins. 

Riding the Wave and Gleaming the Kubina.

Even though Tyler Seguin was born 2 years before NHL ’94 came out,
this headline is still amazingly awesome.

Sega Genesis and a Segway pun for the same player?!?
Biggest. Nerd Pun Writer. Ever.

Funny enough, this is the same ride the ladies will be going on when
Seguin goes home to Brampton this summer. 

This actually isn’t a clever headline, it’s just a reminder
for Tim Thomas to charge his hearing aid each night.

If you are Patrice Bergeron, you should be looch-ing up.

Sometimes, one awkwardly phrased NHL.com pun is all you need to say.
Congrats to the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks on making it to the Finals.
Now go play 7 games!

And this week’s winner of the Pundays Headline of the Week, Absolutely Nothing to do with the NHL Playoffs Edition….

Someone’s gotta pick up the slack if Kovalev and Comrie aren’t coming back.

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