Pundays: Toews the Lein

Sure, making it into the NHL Playoffs can be the most exciting part of a players career. But making it into the 2nd round is the truest test for the strength of an NHL franchise and its fans. The NHL season is long and when players report for training camp in September, everyone is working towards the goal of playing hockey deep into April and May. The season is over for the New York Rangers, Phoenix Coyotes and Anaheim Ducks… so there really is only one thing left to say amongst their fans and players…

Because it’s still too cold out to golf. Except in Anaheim and Phoenix.

And for the other 13 teams that are still battling for position in the post-season? Well, in my opinion, this years NHL playoffs have never been better. 

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Naturally, the biggest story of the past week has been the complete collapse of the Vancouver Canucks in their 1st round series against the defending Stanley Cup Champion, Chicago Blackhawks. And you better believe that the good folks at NHL.com were all over this story like white on rice.

Brent Seabrook wasn’t the only big defenseman that came back from an injury to help his team turn their series around

Nice to see you as well… to see you as well.

NHL.com really hopes that the Bruins-Canadiens series goes to 7 games… solely for the Bell Centre puns.

Of course, the other big story during the past week was comebacks. And man, there were some big ones

Again, NHL.com was worried the Capitals wouldn’t make it out of the 1st round
so they wanted to get it all out when they could.

Sure, this wasn’t the Kings 4 goal collapse in Game 3, but you get the drift.

For the 3 teams that have clinched a 2nd round spot, there is no greater thrill than getting honored in a NHL.com clinching pun headline.

You know that NHL.com was praying that the Predators would clinch on
Easter Sunday just so they could use this headline

It’s Player-Name-Pun-Headline Time!!!

Even the guys at Pensblog have to like this headline.

Yeah, because a Gucci-based headline pun really speaks to the NHL’s audience.

If only Steve Kasper could have played on a line with Michael Ryder, you’d have Ghost Ryder. 

The Neal in the Sky Keeps on Turning.

This one is too easy.

Boy, that fan with the Nathan Horton sign sure picked the right seat for this game.

They sure do get these headlines out fast at NHL.com.

I try to imagine the writer sitting there for this one,
trying to figure out exactly where the hyphens should go. 

Any headline that name-checks the Black Elvis is alright in my book.

Come on, NHL.com. Even you have to realize this is a big stretch.

Unfortunately, Martin St. Louis is not tall enough to ride
the Charles Lindbergh attraction at the Six Flags in St. Louis. 

I thought it was VILL-ee LAY-no.
Does this headline mean that Peter Laviolette has some debt to pay for starting Michael Leighton?

And this week’s winner of the Pundays Headline of the Week, First Time to the 2nd Round Edition….

Who cares about The Fugees, the Nashville Predators are going to the 2nd Round!

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