Pundays: Reasonable Dought

The first week of the NHL Playoffs are in the books and by the looks of it so far… this is gearing up to be another excellent post-season. There have been big upsets and even bigger disappointments. As a coach, the playoffs are when you need your players to dig down deep and put everything they’ve got out on the ice, each and every night. Sometimes a player will come out of nowhere and step up their game… and other times they fall apart. I almost feel like I’m the coach for the pun headline writing team at NHL.com. And now that the playoffs are here, I sit back at my desk, looking over gameday reports and worry if my team is going to be able to pull through. And then… it’s gametime… and I know that we got this.


Click here to check out the best and worst NHL.com pun headlines from the 1st week of the Playoffs!!!

No one said the playoffs were easy. Especially the front page of NHL.com.

More like Detroit needs to take it E-Z on Phoenix.
If Phoenix plays any worse in this series, they might as well pack up and leave town. Whoops

You know what is easy? Drinking water.

As we all know, even though you have your superstars, the sport of hockey is a team game. And this past week, NHL.com made you well aware of that. 

I’m sure everyone had Eric Brewer in their post-season fantasy pools.
Where’s the puck? Oh!” 

NHL.com is obviously worried the Capitals won’t make it out of the 1st round again
so they want to get it all out now while they can.

Teemu Selanne hates this (expletive) headline.

I can’t imagine the screams from the NHL. com office if Thomas Vanek ever got traded to Vancouver.

This is what you have to do when Dustin Byfuglien doesn’t make the playoffs.

Obviously, NHL.com has the same worries in the 1st round about the Flyers as it does the Capitals.

Of course, the real story of these 2011 Playoffs has been the complete and total meltdown of the Boston Bruins. I’m starting to think that it’s an NHL conspiracy to keep the Canadiens around… solely for the headlines.

I swear, if NHL.com uses that goddamn Carey The Weight headline one more time…

Is your favorite NHL team down 2-0? That means the only thing that can cheer you up is more Player-Name-Headline-Puns!!!

Everytime NHL.com does a pun with Alexander Semin, it’s always using his first name.
I wonder why.

More like pik-ing Stamkos’ body off the ice.

I don’t know why, but “Call Me Kaleta” in the lower left corner cracks me up.

The Big Pavelski and Arch Niemi sound like some sort of crime-fighting duo.

Hmm… I don’t see Pavel Datsyuk anywhere on this list.

With that mustache, Brandon Dubinsky does look like a dude who has a secret stash.

I don’t care if it’s from Fox Sports.
Any NHL headline that name-checks an eccentric billionaire is alright in my book.

Oh I think I have a feeling who Mike Fisher is getting checked out by…

And this weeks winner of the Punday Headline of the Week, Non-Playoff Related..

Actually, headlines about the Edmonton Oilers have been non-playoff related for about 5 years now.

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