Pundays: Feeling Regular

The 2010-2011 NHL Regular Season is now behind us and 16 lucky teams look forward to battling each other to the death over the next 2 months. For the fans of those 16 teams, this time of year is one of the most exciting… for the other 14 teams it’s a time to think back to the past 6 months and wonder what your favorite team could have done better in order to earn a spot in the post-season.

Oh yeah, Carolina Hurricanes? Anything I can do, you can do better?
Oh I don’t know… I might have actually shown up for your game against Tampa Bay. 

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As an NHL franchise… what is the greatest thing about clinching a spot in the Stanley Cup Playoffs? Getting a NHL.com pun headline celebrating it, that’s what!

I’m a fan of the old NHL… like when a team could clinch the Southeast Division in January.

When I learned the Kings were playing the Sharks in the 1st Round, I asked to have this changed to “Shoot Me!”

I’m not sure they’ll be so Habby to face Zdeno Chara in the 1st round.

S-teal gonna choke.

The shame with this headline is that NHL.com had planned to use it for the Los Angeles Kings.

With the thrill of victory, comes the agony of defeat. And for the NHL.com pun headlines… that means a clever way of saying your season is over, loser.

Again, I thought Vancouver had the biggest flame that was out.

If there is any irony left in the world, it’s that the Dallas Stars got knocked out by the replacement Minnesota team.

I can guarantee you that every single headline writer at NHL.com shed a tear
when they realized they could no longer use a “Cane” pun until October. 

Being an NHL.com pun headline writer must be a tough job when your favorite NHL team is out of the playoff race. I assume they just turn down the volume of the game and put on their favorite music to help pass the time.

Listen, if Lil’ Wayne can be an NHL fan, there is no stopping Chamillionaire.

In Montreal, this is actually Poker Spacek.

Somehow, I figured that Tim Thomas had made a deal with the other one.

You want NHL.com player-name-pun-headlines? Then you shall get NHL.com player-name-pun-headlines!!!

At a glance, this is just too similar to “Glory Holes” for my taste.

The fact that his name is Rich just makes this one even better.

I imagine this is what they’ll do to Philips Arena once this team folds.

Mmm. Pie.

Mmm. Sweet and Sour Pie.

NHL.com is one Vanek goal away from doing “Widespread Vanek.

Nobody outside of the Tri-State area gets this joke.

Somewhere, Phil Kessel cries.

This is what happens when Dustin Byfuglien doesn’t make the playoffs.
His pun headline gets re-purposed.

This weeks winner of Punday Headline of the Week, Self-Congratulatory Division…

3 California Teams in the Playoffs.
2 Canadian Teams in the Playoffs.
This headline should really be “Ca-NADA.” 

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