Pundays: End of Days

Well, here we are. The final week of the 2010-2011 NHL season. We’ve come so far since that first week of hockey in October. Our favorite teams have lifted our hopes in November and subsequently crushed them in February. And now, with exactly 7 days left in the regular season and only 8 of the possible 16 teams having locked up a playoff spot… for the fans of the remaining franchises all you can do is hope and pray your team makes through this week so it can taste the sweet nectar of the post-season.

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Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Vancouver, Detroit and San Jose. You’ve all done your job. Now it’s up to remaining teams who have a shot at the playoffs to play their hearts out this week so that can have a chance to hold that Stanley Cup parade in June.

I really wish Toronto’s playoff drive would leaf me alone.

And speaking of living another day… 

Mr. Hockey is still alive!

If you haven’t spent the time watching Gordie Howe on “What’s My Line” that PuckDaddy linked to last week.. do yourself a favor and watch it. After seeing the utter embarrassment of Marty and Mark Howe I think the next game show the Howe’s went on was Family Feud.

“Top 5 answers are on the Board… Name something you live in.”

“My father’s shadow.”

“Survey says! Number 1 answer!” 

NHL Award season is just around the corner and even though it looks like many sportswriters will not be participating that hasn’t stopped NHL.com from going bat-shit-pun-crazy on Carolina Hurricanes rookie, Jeff Skinner. 

I’m surprised that when Taylor Hall got injured in a fight
NHL.com didn’t bust out the obscure Taylor the Turkey headline. 

Thankfully, last week saw the return of the “Team Name” style NHL.com pun headline. This style of pun headline is a bread and butter of NHL.com and its absence over the last few weeks was sorely missed.

The volunteers who say this at History Museums each week never get this kind of attention.

It’s funny because on the weekends Patrick Kane is usually Blanked Out.

I think we all know it’s not a 6 Quack but a Flying V.

This actually isn’t a pun headline but rather a completely accurate description
of St. Louis’ 10-3 victory over the Red Wings.

I think by now we all know the hottest flame in the NHL last week wasn’t in Calgary…

… but in Vancouver.

And speaking of Canada’s long tradition of sportsmanship in the game of ice hockey…

Is it just me or is that an alien about to bust out of the Green Man’s back?

Another welcome return to the front page of NHL.com this past week was the non-name, non-team related pun headline. 

No wonder the Oilers haven’t won anything in years, they don’t even leave a tip.

Toe-tally awesome, Rufus!

Alright, you savages. I know you only came here for the player-name-pun-headlines… so feast on these!

To back things with Marcel didn’t work out so we could have Super Marian Brothers.

Jason Chimera is just glad no one at NHL.com has seen Mary Poppins.

Does anyone have any idea what “Selanne Pen-Shot” means?

A user-submitted pun headline from the boys over at Crowned Royal.
The 2nd best LA Kings blog with Royal in the title. 

Sadly, this was the 2nd best Bruins pun headline of the week.

That’s a big leap, NHL.com.

Obviously this headline is referring to the workers at the MTS Centre.

I had no idea Evan Handler was such a big Maple Leafs fan.
Bald dude from Sex and the City for the gentlemen reading this blog post.

Yeah, because hockey gets such good props from sports fans you wanna bring tennis into it.

I thought it was strange that NHL.com is now giving investing tips.

That’s an even bigger leap, NHL.com.

Much like the Los Angeles Kings, Green Day has lost any ability to be taken seriously.

Philadelphia sports fans have a bad reputation as it is without using something that looks like “Vile” in a headline.

And this weeks winner of the Pundays Most Bilingual Headline of the Week

Somewhere in Paris, Napoleon’s body rolls over in its grave.

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