Pundays: Trade Deadline in the Water

The NHL trading deadline is one of the most eagerly anticipated events for hockey fans everywhere and one of the biggest opportunities for the pun headline writers across the hockey globe to really showcase their talents. Luckily, most pun headline writers are signed into contracts, many with no movement clauses, so they don’t have to worry about being dumped to NFL.com or MLB.com for a conditional pick in the 7th round. That allows these writers to perform at their creative best and sometimes you just can’t believe what they just did.

Oh no, they squidn’t have.

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This year’s NHL trading deadline was unique in the sense that most of the higher profile deals came way before the 3pm deadline on Monday. And luckily the first few players who were traded had a high pun value of return. 

Although I’m sure Carrie Underwood is the king in the Fisher household. 

Kris Versteeg being traded will make you jump, jump

And since they are always thinking about how to better market the game of hockey, two NHL GM’s decided to pitch a brand new reality show with one of their trades.

Besides, Dan Ellis doesn’t need to do reality.
He doesn’t need the money.

And then, about 10 days before the actual trade deadline… two teams went bat-shit-crazy.

Then, the real trading began. And with it came a flurry of pun headlines… about the team with Fleury.

If it were me, I would have paired James Neal Diamond with Alex Kovalevontherocks.

Too bad Kovalev didn’t score 47 points his first game back in a Penguins jersey.

Go-Go-Gadget Overvalue.

Some headline writers took the trade deadline as an opportunity to showcase their love for the lesser known play in Neil Simon’s Eugene trilogy

And then, under the dark of night, the Blues struck again. And the pun headline writers struck back.

I would like to think the headline on the Buffalo Sabres website this night was “Yeah, Boyz!!!”

And then… it was Monday, February 28th. The trade deadline. And the only thing flying faster than these players out of town… were the puns.

For a second I thought the Capitals traded for Kyle Wellwood.

I was hoping that Barret Jackman would be traded if only for “New Jackman City.”

I found this headline to be particular campy.

If you are ordering the Center Ice package to follow Jason Arnott with his new team,
then you have issues this humble blog cannot help you with.

And then… this happened. 

NHL.com loved the Dustin Penner to the Los Angeles Kings trade so much… they named it twice. Kinda.

I’ve said it 8 times since the Penner trade and I’ll say it again,
as a life-long Kings fan… the Penner is Mightier than the Sturm.

All in all, the trade deadline wasn’t what it was hyped up to be. And maybe it’s because they aren’t directly affiliated with the NHL, but FoxSports.com wasn’t too impressed with this years edition of the trade deadline.

Is it me or is Brad Richards doing his best Mike Modano impression here?

And if you found the trade deadline to be a big disappointment, at least you had the 5 best NHL.com non-trade deadline related pun headlines to keep you happy.

Cliff Ronning curses every day that he didn’t play in the NHL.com era.

We all better hope that Danny Hobbs makes the NHL,
so we can have Calvert and Hobbs. 

For people in Buffalo, Pegula is really the Lord and Sabre.

Dixon Ward curses every day that he didn’t play in the NHL.com era.

More people have seen this pun headline than actually saw Mask of Zorro.

And this weeks winner of the Pundays Headline of the Week, Foreign or Domestic

Don’t worry, I had to be told it was “Molson Ale.”
Just another example of corporate synergy

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