Pundays: Snap to Attention

It’s an all-new Pundays at The Royal Half, where we feature the best and worst of the NHL.com pun-filled front page headlines from the past week. And since I no longer have anything to live for, I can focus my attention on the amazing… aw, forget it… just get it over with, alright?!?

I mean, seriously. All of these injuries to the Los Angeles Kings have made me want to turn off the hockey game on tv, curl up underneath a blanket and just get drunk on a nice bottle of wine. 

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As we head into the final 2 weeks of the NHL season, all anyone should be talking about is locking up that precious playoff spot. And clinching a place in the NHL post-season is always a joyous occasion.

Daniel Berthiaume gets the same headline on his birthday.

There are so many puns here it blows my mind.

While the Canucks, Flyers, Capitals, Bruins and Penguins have all locked up a playoff berth, there are still a few teams trying to sneak in. But they are going to have to head into the playoffs playing the best hockey they can. 

The Devils have been the talk of the 2nd half, but their playoffs dreams are coming close to being shattered.

The Toronto Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Parade seems to have been called off, but no one told the pun headline writers of NHL.com.

Rhyming the Wave? Is that like Gleaming the Cube?

Playoff races always seem to bring out the best in players. And the insane Western Conference playoff battle seems to be Corey Perry’s hockey quinceanera.

Unfortunately, many Kings fans have been saying this for years about Perry.

Having a goalie controversy heading into the playoffs may not be the best thing… unless you are the front page of NHL.com.

I only wish that Steve Konowalchuk was still part of the
Capitals organziation so they could have a ‘Steve Holt‘ headline.

Of course, everyone was talking about the Bruins-Canadiens game this past week that featured the bad blood caused by the Zdeno Chara hit on Max Paniorrity. But it’s good to see that the NHL wasn’t allowing it’s website to get caught up in the hype.

We all know the real reason you are here… the NHL.com Pun-Name-Headline-O-Rama!!!

Always a good excuse to link to this clip.

Always a good excuse to link to this clip.
(Thanks to @BR527 for grabbing this one for me.) 

I may be a stickler for details, but doesn’t this kinda imply that Miller didn’t do well?

You have to pronounce it like you are Mario or Luigi to get it to sound right.


How the It’s-It Ice Cream people haven’t signed Kunitz to an endorsement deal yet is a mystery to me.

EMF is one withheld royalty payment away from recording this for the Rangers post-season.

While ‘Cor-y Value’ is cute, the better headline here is ‘Gar None’ in the lower right corner.

The thing that shocks me the most about this headline is that
people paid to watch a Sens-Thrashers game in late March.

And this weeks winner of the Pundays Most Disgusting Double Entendre Headline of the Week

Oh no… not once…

… but twice.
I am the biggest Los Angeles Kings fan on the internet…
but there is no way I want to go to BrownTown.
As @brianmccarthy1 said “Ironically, tonight’s AHL punday is “Hershey Highway.”

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