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This just in from the Hollywood casting couches… there is a brand new Iron Man!

“Hey guys! I’m like the Iron Man… and stuff.”

Anze Kopitar is now the all-time Los Angeles Kings leader in consecutive games played. And although Kopitar has come close to serious injury before, he’s not joking around when it comes to being in the Kings lineup each night. 

But the real story here is Anze Kopitar’s play over the last 7 games, which happens to coincide with Dustin Penner’s first 7 games as a Los Angeles King. Kopitar has 10 points in the last 7 games and it seems Penner and Kopitar are getting along just fine. 

“Hey assholes. I’ve been asking 3 years for a top line left winger.
Really big surprise that I’m doing well with one, huh?”

Kings 4, Predators 2

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Anze Kopitar has quietly snuck his way into the top 10 in NHL scoring and is among some pretty nice company. 

I left Crosby on there just so you can remember how awesome a season he was having.

But who cares about scoring! The Los Angeles Kings archives are filled with fancy players who could score. And where in the hell did that ever get them? No, the real milestone for this hockey franchise came Sunday afternoon in the Kings last-second-come-from-behind-regulation victory over the Dallas Stars. And what was this precious milestone that is the rarest of feats? A Kings goalie won 30 games. Twice. 


For most all franchises this wouldn’t be such a big deal. But for the Kings and their awful history of goaltending, they might be honoring Jon Quick at the next home game.

The Kings honored you because you are old, not because you won 30 games.

Let’s pull up The Royal Half Stats Machine!


In 2 1/2 seasons, Jon Quick has won 91 games. In 7 seasons, Rogie Vachon won 171. Quick is more than halfway there. Quick also has the highest career save percentage for a Kings goalie who has played more than 50 games.


Twitter friend NHLBlinn has much more advanced access to the NHL stat vault and he dropped these knowledge bombs the other night:

“Jon Quick is the not only the 1st Kings goalie with back to back 30 win seasons. He’s the first with multiple 30-win seasons.”

Rogie Vachon, Mario Lessard, Felix Potvin, Mathieu Garon and Jon Quick… those are your Kings 30 game winners. That’s right, even 90’s wonder-goalie, Kelly Hrudey, never won more than 30 in his career, let alone as a King.

He may have never won 30, but he sure looked good trying.

To put it in comparison, NHLBlinn went on to say…the San Jose Sharks, who have been in the NHL roughly half the time of the Kings, have 8 30-win seasons in 20 years. Shit, even Arthurs Irbe won 30 games for the Sharks.

To give you a sense of how old this photo is…
it was scanned from something called a “newspaper.” 

Now, a couple things to remember before getting your goalie panties all in a bunch… the shootout win gives modern-day goalies much more of a chance to pad their win stats. Rogie Vachon had highs of 29, 28 and 27 and if given the opportunity to go to a shootout rather than end in a tie, the Kings 30 win plateau would be a bit harder to reach. Even Kelly Hrudey had 26 wins and 13 ties in 91-92.

Even with the ability to go to a shootout, I can assure you
7th overall pick Jamie Storr wouldn’t have won 30 games.

So after analyzing the stats, what are we to come up with? Well, by my calculations it seems Kings goaltenders have usually sucked. And Jon Quick is good. And he’s been 8-3-1 since the All-Star break while Jon Bernier has been 5-0-3.

Jon Quick. The Past, Present and Future of Los Angeles Kings Goaltending.

30 isn’t even the best milestone number for the Los Angeles Kings these days. With Tuesday’s victory over the Nashville Predators, the Kings are now 40-25-5. And it’s the first time in franchise history that they’ve had back-to-back 40 win seasons. And it’s for that reason that we are raising The Royal Half Playoff Threat Level Meter one notch to… WEBSTER.

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