Arcade Fire and Ice

Forget about the Grammys! It’s another exciting edition of Pundays, where we take an in-depth look at the best and worst of the front page pun headlines. And this past week featured the first of what I’m sure will be many pun-filled headlines announcing a NHL trade.

You better believe that re-acquiring Francois Beauchemin was a bold move by the Anaheim Ducks.

Now that the Ducks have strengthened their blueline, you might say they are back in… oh, for chrissakes!!

I’m sorry for taking the Lords name in vain, I know this is a family-friendly blog. Please accept my sincere apology.

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It must have been 80’s week at the pun headline writing offices… because they were busting out old references left and right.

Because Jon Lovitz is always hip. 

 You say the best skier in town just ran off with your girlfriend?

 I’ve heard that John Cougar Mellencamp gets a lot of airplay in the NHL offices. 
Especially from Bettman’s.

But we don’t come to Pundays to celebrate the greatest decade ever… no we come for the awful puns of hockey players names!

I had no idea what The Mighty Boosh was until I googled it. And I still don’t.

And of course, the entire hockey world was talking about the fights that happened last week. And since I wasn’t around a computer Friday and Saturday… I didn’t grab any funny pun headlines of the Pens-Islanders melee. So, like the NHL did for 25 seasons, you’ll have to settle for the Bruins-Canadiens.

This headline is only great because of that shit-eating-grin on Greg Campbell’s face in the middle.
I bet his dad will be emailing him about this.

“Tim Robbin'” on the lower headline for Tim Thomas is just pure pun genius. 

I love the world where Pat LaFontaine gets excited to meet Tim Robbins.

And of course the other big Bruin news to come out last week was the shutting down of Marc Savard’s season. And I have to say the pun headline writers missed an opportunity here.

Top 3 Rejected Headlines

1. Savard Head-ing to the Press Box
2. Concussion Marc’s the Spot
3. Savard Head-Spin O Rama

And don’t think that just because a pun headline writer is writing about a video they can’t throw down the pun gauntlet.

And honestly… what is better than a day at the zoo?

I thought they were talking about Sami Lepisto’s yell.

And we have a tie for this weeks winner of the Punday Headline of the Week, Foreign or Domestic

I had no idea what this pun meant, so special thanks to VagabondJim for providing the following translation:

“A garrison is a fort or castle. So, armies have “stormed” garrisons for as long as “Europeans” have been fighting wars.”

Using Ilya Kovalchuk’s face in reference to any New Jersey Devils’ win, not just Jacques Lemaire’s 600th, is fantastic.

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