What A Bunch of Hosers

After having two Russian Heritage Nights, two Armenian Heritage Nights and one Latino Heritage night… the next logical step for the Los Angeles Kings Marketing Department seems to be… Canada!


So let me get this straight…
A Q and A with Captain Canada himself, Ryan Smyth? Okay, that makes sense.
A Q and A with the Rhode Island born, Minnesota raised, Harvard educated General Manager of the US Olympic team?
Not so sure about that one. 

And let’s be honest here… if you are Canadian and living in Los Angeles… are the Maple Leafs really the team that you wanna show your pride for? I mean, if I were the Kings Marketing Department, I might just have Canadian Pride Night be against Vancouver… and that way you could still have Brian Burke do a Q and A.


“Well shit, son. I thought the maple leaf meant this team played in Vermont.”

“Um, no… Can I go now?”

Remember what Los Angeles Kings founder Jack Kent Cooke said about the 300,000 former Canadians that lived within a three-hour drive of Los Angeles in the 70’s… “Now I know why they left Canada… They hate hockey!” Actually, the Kings did a similar promotion last season in an attempt to celebrate all things Canadian in Los Angeles…


Surprisingly, the Toronto Maple Leafs are a huge improvement over The Tragically Hip.

On the other hand… since we’ve given up overtime to the corporate sponsorship of Air Canada… maybe having Brian Burke appear during Canadian Pride Night is just our country’s way of taking a little bit of hockey back from our neighbours to the north. 


On second thought… you can keep hockey.

Hopefully next season the Montreal Canadiens will come to town, and the Kings Marketing Department can combine Canadian Pride Night with Jewish Heritage Night featuring Mathieu Schneider, Michael Cammalleri and Jeff Halpern


“Michael, a couple of shiksa’s in the crowd tonight, huh?”

“Hey Jeff, we’ve been over this a couple times, I don’t really practice Judaism…”

“Oy… enough of your mishegas.”

And just because… this AMAZING video came up during a search for “Ryan Smyth Captain Canada.”

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