Pundays: 28 Pundays Later

Well, you stop writing about the great pun-filled headlines of NHL.com for just 2 weeks and all of a sudden your favorite NHL hockey team tumbles from 1st place in the Western Conference to 11th place. So message received, NHL.com. If I keep writing about pun headlines, the Los Angeles Kings will continue to win. And let’s be honest, the pun headlines of NHL.com are so great why would I want to go 2 weeks without writing about them. In fact, if I had to describe the past 2 weeks of pun headlines in only one word…


Okay, maybe one other word.


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When we last checked in with Pundays it was just before the Thanksgiving Holiday. And when I say Thanksgiving Holiday, of course I’m referring to Black Friday, the annual tradition of stampeding over people at a Target to buy something for a similar price to what you could buy it for online. The writers at NHL.com had a Black Friday sale on pun headlines… and it was a little hit and miss. 




The headline announcing that the Devils were the 1st team to lose
to the Islanders in 14 games should have been “Black Friday.”



It’s always fun to get an insight into the writing process of the NHL.com pun headline writers. It seems that they have several different ways to pass the time in the NHL offices… there is illegal gambling… 



… playing video games. 


… the music of Roy Orbison… or Linda Ronstadt depending on your personal tastes.


… and of course, the underappreciated dramatic work of Michael Keaton.


When it comes to pun headlines, the writers love it when a good player does great… especially if his name is punable. 


These Phil Kessel ones never get old.


The only gift that should be associated with Gaborik is a healthy groin.


Hey, it’s NBA superstar, Karl Malone!


Get it? Cause he had a natural hat trick.


2nd one in on the lower headlines.
This is a looooong way to go for a Alexander Burmistrov pun. 


God, NHL.com is so glad this guy didn’t go back to juniors. 

Apparently, clever pun headlines are getting just too big for the front page of NHL.com because now they are exploding out into NHL.com‘s twitter account


But even when the individual player gets highlighted, at the end of the day, it’s still about the team. And the pun headline based on the team name. 




With Alex Ovechkin struggling this season, the NHL hype machine needs someone to pair with Sydney Crosby… and it looks like Steven Stamkos might be up for this challenge.



And guess who’s back? The Flyers Pun Phail.


The final word for Pundays this week? Well, it’s the winner of Punday Headline of the Week, Foreign or Domestic


About freakin’ time NHL.com used this one. 

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