Pundays: Second Line Scoring

Now, I just may be a simple hockey loving fan from Los Angeles, California who some folks up north may think has no idea what icing is or just truly what Paul Henderson’s goal meant to the country in 1972… but I think I know one thing… and it’s that the word “undercover” is pronounced nothing like this:


Well, maybe with a Canadian accent it is. 

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As the NHL nears the 1/4 pole of the 2010-2011 season, when selecting the best team, it’s getting more obvious where the hearts of the NHL.com’s pun headline writers lie… because it’s gone from like…


… to love.


And because I try to embed it at least once per month… here is the greatest video of all time.


LA hasn’t changed one bit, has it?
The best part of this video is that it was on MTV2. 

Last week, I talked about the different categories of NHL.com pun headlines. And this week, a whole new genre was created… presenting the Double Down… a pun headline followed by an even more creative secondary pun headline below the video highlight box!


I’m pretty sure it’s not referring to Z-Berg from the band, The Like. Cause that’s a girl. 


Some where the dude on the internet that first came up “Vanek at the Disco” prepares his cease and desist letter.

I’ve always noticed that NHL.com has been putting secondary puns in their front page headlines, but this week the pun headline writers just seemed to be showing off. 


LuChoo Train is also what French people call locomotives. 


After the week Kovalchuk had, he’s just happy to appear anywhere on NHL.com, even if it is in full on recovery mode.

The pun headline writers at NHL.com can’t do it all themselves…sometimes they even let Joel from Human Resources take a shot at a pun headline.


Because no one in “Creative” is coming up with Central Processing as a pun. No one.

And I’m a little ashamed how the headline writers used NHL.com to push their own pro-ABA agenda this week. 


Oh, I’ve just been told that the Columbus Crush of the American Basketball Association
outdrew the Blue Jackets last week. My bad. 

Your obligatory Foreign Policy pun headline of the past week. 


Your obligatory “We Figured Out Another Way to Use a Boston Bruin’s Nickname as a Pun” headline.



As a Kings fan, I’m just waiting for the day this reads “Can’t Spell Iginla without LA.”

Finally, the winner of the Punday Headline of the Week, Foreign or Domestic… comes from FoxSports.Com?!?


Simple, yet classic. Just like Bob Hope.

I’m sure we all remember where we were on April 8th, 1975 when Bobby Orr received his award for Best Achievement in Hockey from Bob Hope and Barbara Walters during “The Gillette Cavalcade of Champions” (and they say reality tv is killing society? It was already dead, baby). Since that fateful day, Bob Hope and the sport of ice hockey have really gone hand in hand.


This is pretty much the best thing that comes up when you search “Bob Hope” and “NHL.”

But you no longer have to take my word for it. Now, it’s your turn… who is your pick for the best/worst NHL.com (and sometimes FoxSports.com) Pun Headline of the Week?

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