Western Canada Opening Weekend Cavalcade of ScreenGrabs

Back to back games to open the 2010-2011 NHL season for the Los Angeles Kings?!? That’s way too much hockey for this simple blogger to write about. For a detailed analysis of the Kings exciting 2-1 victory over the Vancouver Canucks, check out Benched Whale. For thoughts on the Kings pathetic 3-1 loss against the Flames, check out The 4th Line Blog. But for ridiculous screengrabs…


I haven’t seen this much purple since I went to that orgy at Prince’s house.

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Oh… I get it. It’s like a hazing thing. The youngest team in the league
is forced to wear this jersey. Back in the WHL they just shaved us.


How serious did the Kings organization take this “Throwback Night”?
The trainer is wearing a purple polo. If it truly was a retro night, there’d be no rubber gloves.


I don’t care what those fancy designers say… brown and purple do go well together.


Okay, I’m confused. Is every team in Canada wearing retro jerseys this season?


The funny thing is… Quick already has really big ears.


See? You could fly to Guam with those things.


Yes, Jon Quick… we get it… retro goalie pads. You don’t have to celebrate it.


Brownie, are you there? I’m ready for some Halo:Reach.”


Kevin Westgarth Vs. The World.


Aww, that’s cute how she made him add the “C” to his Kings jersey so they’d match.


Yeah, I’d say that Ivanans has a head injury.


Really, Fox Sports West HD? “Join the Kingdom.” 
Are you trying to make me hate the Kings?


That’s not Justin Williams’ stick in his hand. It’s his permanent crutch.


The first thing I thought when Kopitar got injured was “please don’t let it ruin his face…”


…but somehow I knew he’d be alright.


Yup… he’s alright.


Hmm… I wonder what Jon Quick is looking at?


Oh. I didn’t know you could see this billboard from the Calgary bench.
That’s quite an outreach, LA Kings Marketing Department.


When you win NHL games, you are allowed to diss special needs kids
wearing over-sized headphones that just want a high-five.


It was Retro night for Fox Sports West HD as they used a typeface last popular in 1994.


The first ever Coach Murray smile captured in the wild!
No, seriously, this dude NEVER smiles.  
Someone must have asked him how Jack Johnson looks in purple.

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