The First 4 and 8

What has a thick Boston accent, is creepy, likes to sing adult humor songs with dirty lyrics and gets scored on repeatedly?


Red Peters!

Kings 4, Hurricanes 3

Sure the Los Angeles Kings won their 3rd game in a row, are tied for 2nd in Western Conference and played an overall sloppy game that they ended up winning thanks to clutch goaltending in the last 5 minutes and a lucky goal from a rookie… but the real story here for the Kings has been the battle the last few games for which defenseman will stay in the lineup once Matt Greene returns this week, Jake Muzzin or Davis Drewiske. Thankfully, Erik Cole answered that question tonight with his hit on Drew Doughty… both of them stay in the lineup!!!


The spot shadow is not there to highlight so much the hit,
but rather the exact moment in time when Kings fans across the country said “fuck.

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I understand that the NHL really wants to spread the game of hockey and its star players all across the world… but the Carolina Hurricanes? I can’t imagine they’d be the biggest draw in Europe. Even players on the Hurricanes haven’t heard of themselves. Unless the NHL was counting on the bankability of the international success of The Simpsons as a reason for the Hurricanes starting off their season with a massive roadtrip.





I’ll admit that I know next to nothing about the players on the Carolina Hurricanes… but man, is Chad LaRose the scariest looking dude in the NHL or what?


Seriously, this is the dude we should be worried about going after the fans.


Oh… never mind what I was just saying about Chad LaRose.

I stand corrected. The scariest dude in the NHL is actually the Kings own, Kyle Clifford. Is it just me or does it seems like Clifford has no soul behind his eyes. Even Brad Richardson is staring up at the jumbotron to check if Clifford shows a reflection in it.

It was great to see that former high level Kings prospect, Patrick O’Sullivan, was back with the Hurricanes and playing the same position he did in Edmonton.


Left Out.

Honestly, who cares about the Hurricanes when you have a hot, young team playing in the spotlight of Hollywood? I’m sure the Kings Marketing Department are going to make every effort to get the players’ faces out into the public so fans can recognize this up and coming team.


Yeah, we might need a light to help fill in here next game.

In fact, Fox Sports West HD is so excited about this Kings team… they cut together a fast-paced collection of some of the seasons’ best moments… after 4 games!


Boy, they are sure getting their money’s worth from that rare cameo by Coach Murray’s smile.


I’m still convinced it’s gas.

There is always a lot of pressure on an NHL head coach to succeed, especially when there are a ton of expectations put on his team, like there have been with the Los Angeles Kings this year. But it’s even harder when the coaches dad is standing behind him, second guessing his every move.


Yes, Dad… I know you said that Smyth, Williams and Stoll would
look good together 2 months ago. Can’t you just let me coach this team? UGH!!

The Kings put together a decent effort against a Hurricanes team that is probably better than most people will give them credit for. Besides some of the Kings defensive lapses, the worst thing to watch tonight was a tie between Bob Miller stumbling over pronouncing “Stoll” and “Staal”… and Jim Fox’s on-going joke that the 2nd line of Jarret Stoll, Ryan Smyth and Justin Williams was actually the 1st line and the 1st line of Anze Kopitar, Dustin Brown and rookie Andrei Loktionov was actually the 2nd line. Anze Kopitar must have heard Foxy from the ice, so he scored a goal to shut him the hell up.

And you would think after all the controversy over James Wisniewski’s discussion with Sean Avery last week, the players would be trying to clean up their image… but I’m pretty sure I saw Anze Kopitar making an obscene gesture tonight.


In Kopi’s defense, I make the same motion with my mouth whenever Patrick O’Neal is near.


Honestly, I feel if the cameras weren’t there… these 2 would have kissed.

Tonight was a night of firsts. After Kopitar’s first goal of the season, Canes rookie, Jeff Skinner (who is actually really, really good) scored his first NHL goal… only to be upstaged by the Lil’ King Ruskie, Andrei Loktionov’s first NHL game-winning goal. I wish there was some way to visual represent how it must feel for a rookie to score his first NHL goal.


In Russia, this is a smile.

Also on this night of firsts, Fox Sports West HD reminded us that 10 years ago today, the first hockey game was played at Staples Center. And you know what that means?


The first appearance of the Burger King jersey at Staples Center. 
In 1999, wearing this jersey did not count as “ironic.”

Since this was my first Kings home game that I was watching from my couch and not from my Half Season Seats… it was also my first time this season seeing Heidi Androl interview a celebrity.


Let’s give it up for Joe Doyle, USA Hockey Regional Manager, Rocky Mountain AND Pacific Districts!!!
Wow, and I thought her interview with McLovin was the low point.

Jon Bernier looked shaky for the first 2 periods and then like an absolute rock in the 3rd period. Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy and I were talking about how Bernier’s “Robo-Cop” goaltending style actually makes us nervous… he’s too calm. We think we might like our goalies floppy and out of position every now and then. But Coach Murray started the backup goaltender and the team won. That’s already a big step up from last year.


Really, dude? That’s not cool. I’m in Manchester… I can still hear you.

I think the NHL schedule makers deserve a disciplinary hearing. No games in 4 days, then 5 games in 8 on the road. It all starts Thursday night in Phoenix. Finally, some hot Pacific Division action, enough with these fringe Eastern Conference teams. Check out Hip Checks for all your Desert Dog needs.

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