Pundays: The Name of the Game

I know that the headline writers over at NHL.com are really pushing the envelope this season with their pun headlines… but I’m really surprised Gary Bettman let this one slide by.


EDITORS NOTE: This is in no way an actual NHL.com headline. This is the work of Indiana Matt.
And we finally made the front page. It’s about time!

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A great man once said “When you pull on that jersey, the name on the front is a hell of alot more important than the one on the back.” Well, that man was never a pun headline writer for NHL.com. Because if it wasn’t for the name on the back… there’d be no reason for another edition of Pundays.


You know they’ve been sitting on this for the last 2 weeks, just waiting for Anaheim to win a game.

You can really tell that there are more than one NHL.com pun headline writers. There is the grizzled veteran, the writer that’s been around the block a few times and appreciates the olden days… when things were simpler.


And then you’ve got the young, hip rookie, who is fresh out of juniors and loves his internet slang.


If only Ryan Malone was Italian, it could have been “Ma-rone!”


I’d like to think the guy that came up with this headline is as big of a fan of Muppets Take Manhattan as I am.


I also think this is where Matthew Weiner got his idea for Mad Men.

Just because a player is making a dramatic return to the franchise he called home for 20 seasons… don’t think the NHL.com pun headline writers are gonna take it easy on him.


Top 3 Rejected Headlines

1) Suck it, Mike
2) Moda-NO
3) Dallas North 4-1

It wasn’t only hockey players getting the pun treatment this week. No, a different type of player got the nod as well.


This headline is almost as great as the November Rain solo. Almost.

But as a Southern California native, how could I not be totally impressed by the best pun headline of the week?


At least they didn’t nerd out and go with “Dvorak Key to Victory!”

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