Ad Men

One of my favorite pastimes at start of a brand new NHL season is to take a look at how the Los Angeles Kings have decided to advertise their brand of hockey to the faithful residents of Los Angeles. In the past, we’ve seen ad campaigns based on being a team that starts a game poorly…but finishes kinda strong (featuring the acting debuts of Anze Kopitar, Matt Greene and a very convincing Dustin Brown). There’s been ad campaigns based on clever puns about photo development or the goalie’s last name. The Kings have even advertised a behind-the-scenes commercial for an advertisement. But as anyone who works in Hollywood knows… if you want to get your message across… you gotta have a billboard.


For the last 8 years, the Marketing Department of the Los Angeles Kings have been trying to drum up support for a team that hasn’t made the playoffs. But after last season’s successful run to the first round of the playoffs, the Marketing Department is keeping it simple this year… billboards plastered all over the city with the last name of the star players in big bold letters.


There is Kings Captain Dustin Brown in a warehouse district.


Anze Kopitar smiles, even on a rare overcast day in LA.


Yup… you better believe that’s a palm tree.


And there’s Wayne Simmonds… on the back of a bus.

Is it just me or do the expressions on the faces of Brown, Kopitar, Doughty and Simmonds make them seem like some sort of modern day ice hockey Rat Pack?


Obviously because of the smile, Kopitar is Sinatra.

These billboards have been all over the city for the last 2 weeks. And the other day, I noticed a few more popping up.


Ok, that makes sense. I mean, Dean Lombardi is the architect behind this exciting, young Kings team.
Even if Dave Taylor did draft Kopitar and Brown.


Oops, I’m pretty sure this one wasn’t supposed to be unveiled until mid-December.


Hmm, well I guess Jim Fox’s catch phrase is one of the most popular around town.
It could be worse, the Kings could have John Ahlers.


Why do I get the feeling that every time Heidi Androl comes to this site she curses out
her producer for making her do that segment about eating hot dogs at Staples Center?

Let’s be honest. If the Los Angeles Kings wanted to advertise the true heart and soul of this franchise… the person who works the hardest each and every day to make this hockey team the best it can be…. then they’d put this guy on a billboard.


Now that’s billboard blight at its best!

The 2010-2011 NHL Season starts today. And the Los Angeles Kings start their season on the road in Vancouver on Saturday night. The Royal Half is so excited and we just want everyone to know.


Special thanks to Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy and Indiana Matt... who are quickly becoming the Roger Sterling and Don Draper of this website. I, of course, remain Bert Cooper.

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