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As we all know, the biggest story of this NHL Free Agency Period has been the trading of RFA Jaroslav Halak to the St. Louis Blues from the Montreal Canadiens. And when Halak signed a four-year, $15 million dollar contract this week, the headline writers at NHL.com must have been salivating, considering their epic use of Halak-y Puns in the past.


Really? Blues Ink Halak? That’s all you got?
I don’t get it… is it like blue ink in a pen? The pen that he used to sign the contract?

There is only one acceptable pun headline for the St. Louis Blues signing of Halak: Halak is the New Blue. Did you know this piece of Blues Pun-Related Trivia courtesy of Wikipedia?

The name Blues is a pun (play on words) between the colour blue and Blues music; thus a blue note is the team’s logo. There is a song entitled St. Louis Blues.

Of course, the real story of the week has been KovyWatch2000™ as a nation stands by breathlessly to see which NHL team will overpay for Ilya Kovalchuk and eventually try to figure out a way to trade him 5 years into a 14 year contract. I don’t know which teams are having the bigger battles over Kovy.. the Los Angeles Kings vs the New Jersey Devils… or the headline writers at NHL.com vs the headline writers at FoxSports.com.


FoxSports.com. Ok, Ilya is a left winger. And since everyone including
Vaclav Fuckin’ Prospal signed on Day 1… this makes total sense as a pun headline.


NHL.com. Going with the trend started in the first headline…
I think “Left Out” would have made more sense.


Come on FoxSports.com… act like you been there before. Too easy!


NHL.com. Get it… “courting”… like a Kings’ Court!


This is part where NHL.com stopped caring. About headlines and about photos.


This is the part where FoxSports.com actually started covering some real hockey news.


Sadly this is only the 2nd best re-telling of the Kovalchuk drama in photos.
McSwarley has the 1st.

The real loser in KovyWatch2000™? Taylor Hall. Whose act of signing his first professional contract was lost in the Kovy Headline Shuffle.


I really hope Taylor Hall doesn’t go on to have a Hall of Fame career…
because those headlines will be really annoying in 20 years.

And finally, it’s definitely not a pun… but I love it when NHL.com gets its streams crossed with US Weekly.


What is the deal with the dude over Carrie’s left shoulder?
It looks like he’s not too happy with Mike Fisher’s choice for a bride.
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