Game Won


Will someone explain to me how in the heck Handzus is an emotional low?


Somehow I feel like this isn’t the first time a man in a green suit has had his balls in Jack Johnson’s face.

Well, that game was totally awesome. The Los Angeles Kings came out strong in during the first period in their first playoff game in 8 years… played a bit uneven for the remainder of the game… and if it wasn’t for an amazing save by one of the world’s best goalies… all we’d be talking about today is the Kings stunning win over the Vancouver Canucks.


So instead we are talking about a Game One loss.

Kings 2, Canucks 3 (OT)


Check out the full Royal Half Recap of Game One…. after the jump!!!


Sure, Randy Jones did everything Kings fans expect him to do and Anze Kopitar is going to have to work a little bit harder to get some open ice out there… but Jon Quick re-discovered what made him an elite goalie, Brad Richardson was one of the most dominant forwards out there each shift and Vancouver Canucks fans… that was one of the worst games I’ve seen Wayne Simmonds play… so he’s gotta bounce back and show you all what the hype is about next game. Right? Right?!? Speaking of hype… as a Kings fan… how cool was it to see this at the start of the telecast?


But the biggest surprise of last nights game wasn’t the play of Jon Quick or the puck trickery of the Sedin Twins. No… it was the fact that Fox Sports West HD brought sideline reporter Heidi Androl along on a road game!


I get that same smile on my face when I’m standing behind Doughty.
Somewhere in Studio City, Patrick O’Neal is being held in Rebecca De Mornay’s arms, quietly crying.

They say that Vancouver is an amazing city that can really change you once you go visit it. But I’m not sure this is what Heidi Androl had in mind.


There was a lot of action pre-game as players arrived to GM Place to get ready.


I knew they were the Sedin Twins, but I didn’t realize they were like actual twin-twins!


Honestly, is there a more greasy, weirder-looking player in the NHL besides Roberto Luongo?


Oh, hey Randy Jones. Didn’t see you there. So I guess there is one.


Really Shane O’Brien? Shouldn’t you be doing what you do best instead?

The big matchup for the rest of this series will be Anze Kopitar and Henrik Sedin.


Oh whatever… MVP? Kopitar had almost 100 more shots than Sedin. Pfft!

Luckily, Coach Murray and Anze Kopitar practiced all week on the perfect way to prevent Henrik Sedin from scoring at will.


You simply distract Henrik by asking him to do his Steve Martin impression.

So it’s 1-0 Canucks. And I loved every second of this game. I was so tired while watching the overtime that I actually walked around my house watching it to keep myself awake. But this series is far from over and the Kings have to believe they have every shot to win a few games. For me… well I’m getting on a plane tomorrow and heading to Vancouver. I’ve heard so much about how knowledgeable and thoughtful Vancouver hockey fans are… so I’m really looking forward to meeting some of them.




“Yeah, I found it here on my phone. The Royal Half. It seems like
the whole site is pictures of some chick from the Apprentice.”

“Oh man, I’m gonna find that dude on Saturday and bash his head in. Gino Odjick style!”


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