Sharp and Quick

Hey Brad Richardson. You’ve done a great job so far this season. Fans who once sighed at the mention of your name now cheer you as you work hard in the corners. It took you a long time to become a regular NHL’er… so why don’t you act like one with 2 minutes left in overtime?


“Hey Clune… will you do me a kindness? I know it’s only the 2nd period, but will you let
Richardson know that if we go to overtime to not make a blind backhand pass in the neutral zone?
Can you do that for me, Clune? It’s just a small favor I ask. Just make sure you do it. Thanks.”

Kings 2, Blackhawks 3 (OT)

Fine, so the Kings got a point. But Vancouver and Phoenix played in a 3 point game tonight so Brad Richardson’s errant backhand pass in the neutral zone with 2 minutes left in overtime prevented the Kings from from keeping pace with the 3rd and 4th place teams in the Western Conference. What’s that? You have no idea what I’m talking about… roll the tape!

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I’ll hate Brad Richardson for the remainder of tonight and then by Friday’s game against the Dallas Stars I’ll have totally forgiven him. But it was still a stupid, stupid pass. It’s the kind of pass that makes one of the team leaders stare at you in the locker room until you feel shame.


Kopi can see into your soul.

This was a great battle tonight with two of the NHL’s youngest and most exciting teams. As an added bonus, the two stars of the game also happened to have two of the greatest last names for puns. Some possible headlines for the review of this game:

Quick Not Sharp Enough
The Quick and The Sharp
Sharp… Quick Pain

Come on, those possible headlines are stupid. would never stoop to the level of using a players last name for some wacky pun headline.


You win again,

At 28 years old, Patrick Sharp is an near old-timer when it comes to the youth movement that is going on with the Chicago Blackhawks.


Young Core. Is that a new type of music I don’t know about?

Hockey fans young and old were in attendance at the United Center tonight. Even Academy Award winning actress Kathy Bates took in the action.


Oh shoot… I’m sorry, that’s my fault. It was actually former Chicago Blackhawk, Bobby Hull.


If the way Bobby Hull lived life is wrong… then I never want to be right. 
Nothing like a little merlot with some NHL action.

And it turns out they were even shooting a film at the game tonight… a remake of the classic “Grumpy Old Men.”



Think it’s stressful being an NHL coach?
Terry Murray and Joel Quenneville are both 32 years old.

After a tough loss like this, as a Kings fan you just hope that the veteran leaders on the team can rally their teammates and make sure that they come out strong against the free-falling Dallas Stars on Friday.


“Listen, I don’t care what they say on the internet. You aren’t enigmatic. You aren’t soft-spoken.
You are Alex Goddamn Frolov… and that’s alright.”


“Hey Kopi.”
“Yes, Dustin?”
“When we sit like this… it spells out ‘A.C.'” 
“Yeah, I know.”
“Like it’s short for Air Conditioning!”
“Yeah… I know.”


I left a message.”
A message? What number did you call?” 
Two, four, niner, five, six, seven… “
Matt Greene: “If I have to hear Drew and OD act out Tommy Boy one more time… I’m going to kill someone.”

Sure the Kings lost. But they almost beat the 3rd best team in the NHL for a 2nd time this season. And if that doesn’t bring a smile to your face… then the fact that the Anaheim Ducks have lost 4 in row and are probably shit out of luck for the playoffs should.


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